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How many of y'all currently use a Public Relations Calendar?

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How to Create a PR Calendar With a Simple Template

Today’s feature from Coschedule is all about the key components of a Public Relations Calendar. Working with this kind of calendar not only organizes your PR efforts, but is an incredibly useful tool when collaborating with your marketing, sales, or exec teams.

Let’s start with the What. Essentially, a PR calendar maps out your to-dos for the result of securing media coverage. 

Your calendar should be as overarching as to align with your business plan. And still, show detail like breaking down project tasks in a manageable timeframe. For example, a PR calendar could include deadlines for journalist quotes or shipping dates for sending out product samples.

Moving to the Why. The business, marketing, and content calendars have separate goals from a PR calendar but show a complete picture when aligned together. CoSchedule shows it as…

  • Business calendar – the foundation
  • Marketing calendar – first layer or how you communicate your main calendar to customers through things like launches and campaigns.
  • Content calendar – second layer or shows what content you’ll use to implement those campaigns.
  • PR calendar – final layer or shows how you’ll use publicity and visibility to amplify your marketing messages.

And on to the How. Getting started with a PR calendar involves:

  1. Finding the calendar format that works best for your team. Your options are a spreadsheet, a basic digital calendar, or a dedicated editorial calendar tool. CoSchedule has the pros & cons.
  2. Identify content types to implement and amplify PR coverage. This could mean pitches, events, organic social posts, print collateral, and others.
  3. Determine your publishing frequency whether it’s “earned” or “owned” media. Come to a decision by establishing your team’s collaborative capacity (and don’t forget about adding buffer time), and seasonal trends that have the most impact on your business.

Smash the button to hit the ground running with a PR calendar!


We just stumbled on this nifty tool. MailTrack gives you a new level of power over your email. This free Gmail extension offers real-time inbox activity like alerting you when someone reads your email.

Knowing this you’ll be able to tailor your email messages and better manage journalists or influencers.

“Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity”

David Livermore


The shortest distance is not always straight. Not trying to be too cryptic here, but it does make sense. For instance, the shortest distance to Australia would follow the curve of the globe. Well, that is unless you don’t mind getting scorched by Earth’s core.

Maersk brings us the thriller of the week with a data & logistics-centric ad. It may take you through a few turns but bear with it. Also, pretty sure that the warehouse can be found all over Shutterstock.

Ads from the Past

1956, 7-Up

“But I have always thought the only genius that’s worth anything is the genius for hard work.”

Kathleen Winsor


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