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Marketers are architects, too 🏠

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How to Develop Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is your structure to your offerings and brand identity(ies). But not all foundations are the same. HubSpot has mapped out the different types and how to develop one of your own.

Types of Brand Architecture Models

  • Branded House: This combines several house brands under a single umbrella brand (think Virigin with Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic, etc.).
  • House of Brands: This architecture focuses on the sub-brands, allowing the parent brand to remain free of the same positioning as these often very different brands (think Unilever and their many brands).
  • Hybrid Brand: This model combines the house of brands and branded house models where the parent brand can be positioned with sub brands (Alphabet uses this model very clearly with Google products).
  • Endorsed Brand: This model has a master brand with sub-brands that rely on an association (usually product-based like Rice Krispies to Kellogg’s).


How to Develop Brand Architecture

  1. Research – Sometimes you don’t choose a model, a model chooses you. Understand your own business very well through competitor and performance data to organize it in a way that makes sense for your customers and industry. This is a good time to review your company’s mission, vision, and values as well.
  2. Strategy – Test out each architecture to see how your brand would work in each. For instance, not all brands can be grouped under the parent brand if customers won’t understand a connection. Outline the connections between the master brands, sub-brands, and products or services.
  3. Application – When sharing it with your team and stakeholders, make sure to include a clear structure that highlights the relationships between the master brand, sub-brands, and offerings.
  4. Look Ahead – As your company grows, your brand architecture must adapt appropriately. Review it when big changes happen!

Check out the full HubSpot post for real brand examples and details on each step towards your own brand architecture.

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Eye of the Tiger 🐯

What’s the eye of the tiger?

What’s the thrill of the fight?

Turns out it’s just a bottle of Coca-Cola. Get mesmerized by this animated Coca-Cola ad celebrating the Chinese New Year Year of the Tiger. It’s a beautiful little Tiger family having some friendly competition over a Coke.

Since we mentioned it, here’s your daily motivational music. Go kill ’em, Tiger.

Ads from the Past

1951, Tiger Beer

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Jim Rohn


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