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Meet Google Ads

First IHOB, now Google Ads. What has the world come to?

Google Adwords Latest Updates

We solemnly swear Google is up to no good.

Oh no no. We won’t dilly dally with our rambles today ’cause there’s a ton of good stuff to learn. AdEspresso has the news you need to know.

Google Ads

This new brand will launch July 24, 2018. Don’t go into panic mode, you will still have the same features from Adwords like search network, display network, and video.

The new branding is focused on the ease of multi-channel advertising for a more seamless experience.

Google Sheets Integration

Still in a beta test, this simple plugin will allow you to fire up reports in no time. The Adwords Integration will let you:

  • Create custom reports that pull info directly from your account(s).
  • Create custom columns based on the KPIs you need.
  • Use the same filters you find on AdWords to get specific data.
  • Generate a report overview.
  • No need to recreate reports, just refresh your custom reports to import the latest data.
  • Allow others to edit and collaborate on your reports.

Add Notes to Key Account Changes

Ever make a change and forget why you did it? Yeah, us too. It’s cool though ’cause Google came up with Notes. It will allow you to add written text to give context to changes in your account performance.

We’re hyped of how multi-user friendly it is.

What’s New in Adwords Editor

If ya aren’t about that Adwords life, Adwords Editor the free application can download right to your computer so you can make changes without opening a browser. You just gotta download, import your accounts, and enjoy these features like it’s a soothing bubble bath after work.

  • Offline editing: it’s editing on the go. Need we say more?
  • Bulk editing tool: manage dozens of accounts by making bulk changes.
  • Draft mode: just learning? Make changes in draft mode, get a second pair of eyes to review, then go live.

Game-Changing Update

Google Ads joined the Adespresso fam. You’ll be able to create and manage campaigns across 3 different channels all in one place!

Anyone else have the Harry Potter theme stuck in their heads now? ‘Cause it totally happened to us. dom da da dom da dom dom.. dom da da dom da dom

Should You Focus on Desktop, Mobile, or Voice?

Desktop is old news, mobile is here, voice search is coming, where the heck should you focus your SEO efforts?

Dr. Pete, the Marketing Scientist at Moz, makes the argument that you should focus on all three (desktop, mobile, and voice). Better yet, you can focus on all three by focusing on just one. That’s a win-win in our book.

We’ll explain…

First, a problem: most people look at their website analytics and see something like…80% of the traffic comes from desktop, 20% comes from mobile, and 0% comes from voice. That means, of course, that you should focus all your efforts on desktop, right? Right!? Wrong!

You might not be getting mobile traffic because your mobile experience is terrible.

The other mistake you might be making is thinking that desktop, mobile, and voice users are three separate audiences. That likely isn’t the case. Here are a few stats that prove it:

  • Google did a study that showed 65% of people start a search on a smartphone and then move to desktop.
  • 88% of people use their phone while watching TV. That means people are using multiple devices at once.

So in reality, the customer journey could be (and likely is) something like:

You see/hear something on TV, you look it up on your phone, you jump to your laptop later for more research. The next day at work, you might have a few free minutes and research it at work. Then you go home and buy it from your tablet.

That’s just one visitor. But, it’s almost a guarantee that the customer journey is going to become even more convoluted (big word!) in the future.

The point is, if your “customer chain” breaks at any point. You’re going to lose customers. If your mobile experience sucks, you’re going to lose customers. If you’re not trying to optimize for voice search now, you’re going to lose customers.

The solution to this? Aside from ensuring that your site is mobile friendly, the solution is targeting featured snippets.

Paying attention to, and optimizing for, featured snippets right now is going to help keep your customer chain intact for years to come.

Barely scratched the surface on this one. Smash the button for the full scoop…

Nuns – They’re Just Like Us

So our team spent last Friday watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup all afternoon. The boss man was outta the office. Shhhhhh, don’t tell him!

Anyway, we thought why not share the love for the world soccer tournament? It would be kinda like our Carnage Fam is watching with us. And let’s add some Nuns into the mix ’cause why the heck not?

Nuns can be soccer fans too, you guys! Xfinity recently launched a campaign that intertwines the World Cup fandom with different groups of people. The campaign ads feature desperate housewives, a kid’s birthday party, and our personal favorite, the nuns.

Just take our word for it. This ad is a good one. Really though, have we ever let you guys down?

“Don’t build links. Build relationships”

Rand Fishkin

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