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Missing Links on LinkedIn

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11 LinkedIn Content Ideas in 2022

Don’t know what to post on LinkedIn? Wether it’s for a brand page or your personal branding, finding the right traction on LinkedIn can be tricky. Luckily, LinkedIn resources are out there. The platform has been growing in engagement, down-ranking engagement-bait, and even providing pocket guides.

PostBeyond has a handy guide of its own to give you ideas, too. Here are 11 content ideas to get you started:

  1. Original, Long-Form Content – LinkedIn is great for white papers, guides, reports, case studies, and even LinkedIn-hosted newsletters.
  2. LinkedIn Articles – We mentioned newsletters as one of LinkedIn’s new features, but you can also write articles natively into the LinkedIn platform.
  3. “Adjacent-Industry” Content – Look at other, but related, industry content to your own. It gives you a chance to expand your network in those other areas.
  4. Original Data – LinkedIn is about providing value and what’s more valuable than data? Investing in research helps with thought leadership and content to use across multiple channels.
  5. Celebrations – Brands should be celebrating company-wide and individual employee achievements when they can.
  6. Quick Tips, Hacks, How-Tos – If it has value, it’ll get eyes. If it’s bite-sized, it’ll get shared!
  7. Clips from Webinars – Don’t forget to repurpose your long-form videos and webinars. Post highlights, teasers, and helpful clips from them.
  8. UGC – Look for ways to use what employees and/or customers say about you.
  9. Team Spotlights – Keep it human out there. Focus on the people that give your brand life. That way you can celebrate your team while also attracting more talent with a glimpse into company culture.
  10. Discussions – This isn’t so much something to post, but something to take advantage of on LinkedIn. Seek out discussions and topics on other posts to put a spotlight on your expertise.
  11. Customer Spotlights – If you don’t have testimonials about you, make one about your partnerships instead. Share the love and celebrate customer achievements or turn a relationship journey into a mini case study.

Check out PostBeyond’s full post for more examples and ideas for your LinkedIn content!

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Gone are the days of coffee-fetching interns and entry level employees. Monster.com compares these days to the Middle Ages because job seekers don’t have to settle for it anymore. They can hope online and find somewhere their talents will be appreciated.

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