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Are You Ready for Mobile-First Indexing? 5 Things to Check Now

Netflix knows what’s up. And we’re not just talking about how this powerhouse streaming service is continuously cranking out awesome shows and movies. Netflix knows how to get that content in front of people. They quickly gained an edge over Blockbuster when they saw the potential for sending DVDs directly to our homes. Then, they changed up their business model to provide the streaming service we all know today.

You have to go where the people are. If you don’t, you’ll get left behind. Netflix knows this, and Google knows it too. That’s why Google is taking a mobile-first approach to indexing. People are searching more on mobile than on desktop. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! WordStream is sharing 5 things to check now to ensure your site is ready for mobile-first indexing.

  1. Make sure Googlebot can access and render your content. The meta tags should be the same on both versions of your site. The good news is most websites do this by default, but it’s worth checking in case a developer set up your site differently.
  2. Make sure content is the same on desktop and mobile. Just because people are using different devices to access your site doesn’t mean they’re looking for different content. Make sure your headers match up and keep in mind that you could lose traffic if you intentionally decrease the amount of content on mobile pages.
  3. Check your structured data. Content on your site isn’t the only thing you’ll want to match on desktop and mobile. You’ll want to verify your structured data is consistent across the two versions of your website.

Read on to learn more about following Google’s additional recommendations and staying on top of mobile errors. Happy indexing!

Mobile-First Index Tool

Matching up your mobile site and desktop site may seem like spotting the difference between two similar photos. While a keen eye for detail is a great asset, there are easier ways about it. Use the Mobile-First Index Tool to make sure both versions of your site match up.

This tool is easy as can be. Just paste your website URL and it gets to work finding discrepancies between your sites. It’ll deliver side-by-side comparisons of crawling/indexing, content, links, structured data, and more.

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Lining The Field

This one goes out to all the daydreamers out there! A daydream isn’t necessarily a departure from your current reality – sometimes it’s just an overlay. Sort of like the VR dancing hotdog Snapchat introduced a few years back. It’s the same old scene you’re used to, but now there’s a hotdog throwing out some chill vibes.

GEICO brings us a motorcyclist on a scenic mountain pass. Well, that’s his daydream anyway. The winding roads? They’re completely fabricated in his mind. In reality, he’s painting some lines on a baseball field. Should make for an unconventional ball game.

Ads from the Past

1949, Swift’s Premium

“The internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions.”

Danielle Sacks


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