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More what you’d call guidelines…

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How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business

Hootsuite highly recommends y’all lay down the law with effective social media guidelines. We nod in agreement.

Even if your biz isn’t active on social platforms, your people are. Guidelines can encourage employees to follow official accounts, boost your brand’s reputation, and so on. How does one create guidelines? We’re glad you asked.

Let’s get started👇

  1. Reach out to employees to see if there on common concerns you can address.
  2. Share links to your company’s official social channels. And include brand-specific hashtags.
  3. The FTC requires a user to identify themselves as an employee when they discuss company-related matters on social media.
  4. Be overly clear on what information should and should not be shared on social platforms like private information about coworkers, financial disclosures, R&D news, upcoming products, or any other sensitive information.
  5. Hootsuite suggests, “If you collect information about your customers, it’s paramount that you and your employees protect those details.
  6. Trolls don’t just live under bridges. Prepare your crew with the resources and protocol needed to handle harassment. More importantly, let your crew be the change, and encourage your crew to spread positivity.
  7. Practice inclusivity on and off social media by using pronouns (they/them/theirs/folks), or by not making assumptions about gender, race, experience or ability. If you care, your employees will care.

Hootsuite runs through more do’s and don’ts, but we wanna get to a few examples:

  • Nordstrom asks their employees to ensure their posts “do not create a real or perceived conflict of interest.”
  • Best Buy’s guidelines come with the subtitle: “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human.”
  • Intel offers 3 rules of engagement: disclose your relationship to Intel, protect the brand, and use common sense.


Here’s the thing. When you attach a link from your landing page or site, make sure it’s trackable. Because marketing without data is….. well, wrong.

When it comes to organic social we love using Bitly. This link-shortener and management platform is trying to educate the world about how links drive business results!

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