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MQL Purgatory 👹

Reporting can be hellish work, plus these ads keep hitting us in the feels.

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Why you should stop reporting on MQLs

How important is it to report your marketing qualified leads? “Demand Gen Chat” is a podcast produced by Chili Piper and is a biweekly show that breaks down how marketing leaders drive revenue. It’s hosted by Kaylee Edmondson, Chili Piper’s Senior Director of Demand Generation. They had a recent episode called “MQL Purgatory, Nailing that PM Fit, & The Discipline of Attribution” with Ben Pollack, Head of Growth Marketing at ChartHop.

Like the title says, marketers often get sucked into a black hole of reporting MQL purgatory. Ben Pollack suggests to stop reporting them and focus on the big picture of your pipeline.

Kaylee and Ben talk shop on a gambit of marketing know-how including demand gen, measuring success, and marketing funnels. The big topics include:

  • How B2B marketing teams can get out of MQL purgatory and start getting measured on pipeline.
  • Walking the fine line between directly attributable paid spend so input equals output, allowing new creative stock to build the brand.
  • How the marketing team at ChartHop found product-market fit.
  • The power of customer evangelism.
  • How to handle your first few touchpoints after ad engagement.
  • Why marketers with the best intentions often misuse attribution (and what we should consider doing instead).
  • The importance of testing while still following your gut.

Check out the full 42 minute conversation on the latest “Demand Gen Chat” episode.

Q for You

Do you report your MQLs?

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Only Have Eyes For You

Who brought out those onions again?? This sweet little Amazon ad is all about how music can transport you into your memories. A couple still finds themselves dancing in their living room to their favorite song: “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos. All they have to do is tell Alexa to play it and it’s like their back to their first dance all over again.

Ads from the Past

1958, Revlon

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