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Black Friday prep and opt-in gamification.

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What is your go-to Black Friday marketing strategy?

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9 Black Friday Marketing Strategies (That Work Like A Charm)

The excitement generated by Black Friday deals is comparable to the excitement kids feel when their parents pack them up in the car and tell them they’re going to Disneyland. Best Buy may not have the same charm as “the happiest place on Earth” when it’s packed like sardines – especially during a pandemic. But 2020’s shopping trends indicate Black Friday might look a lot like Cyber Monday.

To help you prepare for this shopping phenomenon, Sleeknote is sharing 9 Black Friday marketing strategies.

  • Build Your Black Friday Email List. Growing an email list is an ongoing goal. Black Friday makes for a great sign-up incentive. Create a popup on your site telling people to sign up for exclusive Black Friday deals. Or offer additional discounts to new subscribers that they can use on top of existing deals.
  • Schedule Your Popups. Popups are good for more than getting signups. Build up your popup arsenal centered around deal features, reducing cart abandonment, and delivery times. Schedule them and watch them get to work.
  • Experiment with Timing. Black Friday is only one day, but the excitement carries on to the days before and after. Announce early deals to your subscribers to attract buyers before it gets too competitive. Or offer more deals after the date has passed so people can jump on what they may have missed out on previously.
  • Make Your Sale Memorable. There are just too many dang deals out there to navigate. Make sure you’re not forgotten during the chaos by sending a reminder email illustrating your deal highlights and what people can expect from your sale. Offering a button to add the event to their calendar will give them a reminder just when they need it.

There are more strategies with examples than we could cover, so check them all out!

WP Optin Wheel

Wheel of Fortune is so thrilling, and the slowing click, click, click as the pointer homes in on its selection keeps us on the edge of our seats. WP Optin Wheel gives your site visitors the same feeling with the prospect of winning various rewards.

This tool works easily with WordPress and WooCommerce and offers an interactive way for consumers to win unique discounts. Just optimize your wheel for a variety of discount percentages, free shipping, or bundled offers and let your visitors spin to win.

The Gifting Guru

Some people have a knack for buying the perfect gift for someone. And some people dread gift-giving occasions because they never have any idea what to get. If you’re in the latter group, GrubHub gift cards are a solid option for anyone this year. No need to thank us.

Hudson’s Bay centers this ad around two women representing both gift-giving types. Catherine O’Hara has no idea what to get her family members, but Annie Murphy knows just what everyone will love. Don’t forget that joke gifts are an option too…say, buying someone a small town for instance

Ads from the Past

1961, Converse

“Start with empathy. Continue with utility. Improve with analysis. Optimize with love.”

Jonathon Colman


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