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No More Teachers, No More Books

Making learning FUN…kind of. Plus – how to plan campaigns ahead of time.

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Edutainment + Video Content For Your Brand

We marketers love to Frankenstein words. Today’s term is “edutainment.” And it’s a pretty straightforward mix of education and entertainment.

Brands use edutainment all the time for product use and awareness campaigns. While infomercials may be coming to mind right now, the approach has become a little less direct. You can integrate edutainment into your video content on social media as well as your ads, but that entertainment factor has to ring true.

Why use edutainment?

  1. It informs your target audience about the problem, solution, and your product.
  2. It’s great for awareness, but can be used all throughout the customer journey.
  3. It works! Edutainment marketing increases conversion, trust, and affinity for your product.

Ways to use edutainment in your video content:

  • Product Demos: The usual suspect. Obviously the best way to understand some products is to just show everyone how it’s done with a video.
  • Micro Ads: Now take your product demos and focus on a small part to inform on or demonstrate.
  • UGC Testimonials: TikTok has blown up edutainment with both organic and influencer videos being made to inform about a product.
  • Viral Relaters: We mentioned infomercials…They typically start with a relatable problem everyone has, add a little drama to it, and explain a product.
  • “Reasons Why” Videos: Similar to the previous relaters present possible problems or pain points, then educate on the solution.

Check out the full post by VisCap Media for more examples and stats on edutainment.

Q for You

Before you get to practice something yourself, what is your favorite way to learn something?

Free Campaign Planners

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Curiosity Killed the Content

Killed in a good way

A great way to get to the bottom of making good content is to ask your audience what they like.

Use Scalemail Polls to ask them!

Scalemail Polls is a polling system that can be integrated directly into your email system or site. Use it to poll your audience on what they like, don’t like, or want to see more of in your own newsletter or emails.

Ask us to see how it works.

Montages Make It Work

Degree has been working pretty hard to keep inclusivity at the forefront of its advertising. This latest ad from the deodorant brand is part of a “Not Done Yet” campaign. It shows just about every type of person, in any situation, can use Degree’s products. Overall, it aims to remind people that they can overcome limitations, but they shouldn’t have to worry about sweat and odor along the way.

Ads from the Past

1967, Chef Boyardee

“Learning is a constant process a process without an end.”

Bruce Lee


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