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No Thoughts in Head

Here’s an idea.

Be in The Know

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🔍 Google is rolling out the Search Generative Experience to U.S. search results.

😬 Bumble apologizes for its anti-celibacy ads, and the statement passes the vibe check.

⛹🏽‍♀️ The Dick’s Sporting Goods x WNBA lifestyle line for girls is a slam dunk.

📊 Chart: Marketers are confident in LinkedIn’s ability to deliver ROI. 

👍 Instagram is working on a “Peek” feature, while TikTok is testing collaborative posts.

🙁 McDonald’s U.K. has removed the smile from its Happy Meal boxes in observation of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: A pile of fries. Watercolors.

What to Do When You’re Out of Ideas

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If you’ve exhausted everything on your list of content ideas to knock around, it’s time to do some recon and repurposing.

  1. Reflect on the questions people ask you most. For example, repurpose a particularly good explanatory email into a blog post.
  2. Talk to your customers. What insights gained from interviews and conversations can you use for a marketing campaign, a joint webinar, a guidebook, or a survey report?
  3. Look at what people in your niche are saying online. Browse relevant subreddits. If you can make a thoughtful reply to a Reddit post in your niche, turn that into content.
  4. Do audience research. Use keyword and social listening tools to understand your target audience’s questions and pain points, and identify competitors gaining traction. Consider all of these content prompts.

Take a closer look at SparkToro.

Q for You

In your experience, which Reel length gets you the most reach?


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All good blogs and articles start out as open tabs. And if they’re lucky, some open tabs will get earnestly bookmarked for later.

But the vast majority are simply neglected and closed out forever. Cue that Sarah McLaughlin song.

Bookmarkish gives good content a second chance by emailing you 2 of your bookmarks to revisit every week. #SaveTheBookmarks


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Stock Campaign

Corona Extra demonstrates how to work smarter, not harder in a new OOH campaign in Latin America led by We Believers.

The brief: sunsets. The production budget: low.

Corona Stock Photo Campaign

The team licensed $100 unedited stock images of sunsets over the ocean, in which the reflection is sort of Corona-bottle-shaped. Then, they slapped a logo on ’em.

It’s definitely practical. It’s probably sustainable. And it’s easy on the eyes, especially in a city setting. *clink*

Ads from the Past

McDonald's, 1992

McDonald’s, 1992


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