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Oh My Gourd!

You picked to learn about festive marketing ideas for Fall! Let’s get started…

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With holidays starting to creep up, how far in advance do you prepare festive campaigns?

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21+ Free and Effective October Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Fall is officially here, folks! The start of sweata weatha means it’s acceptable to snap photos in pumpkin patches, and let’s be honest, have pumpkin-flavored everything. More to the point, next month holds plenty of inspiration to craft your marketing ideas around.

From seasonal traditions to days or weeks commemorating important causes, Wordstream has over 21 free and effective October marketing ideas for small businesses.

October has several awareness themes. It’s your chance to support amazing causes like National Bullying Prevention, Breast Cancer Awareness, Adopt a Shelter Dog month, Emotional Wellness month, along with many others.

  • Raise awareness by donating a percentage of total profits or of a particular product, or a dollar for every Like on a social media post.
  • Show support for a cause by educating more folks about it. Share stats, facts, and stories to your social media platforms.

Along with awareness themes for the whole month, there are also many observance days like World Vegetarian Day, World Smile Day, National Boss’s Day, and more.

Then you have the general Fall celebrations – Halloween, costumes, candies, and pumpkins! These marketing ideas are pretty flexible and can be an easy way of building awareness for your brand.

  • Embrace the Halloween spirit with a fun costume contest. Give away a prize for the best costume and have your audience tag your business in their photo submissions.
  • Candy counting contest. Put out a big jar of candy and let the guessing begin! Create slips where customers can write their guess and their email address. If in-store isn’t quite as doable because of COVID, create a form online so you can collect entries based on a photo of your candy jar.

October is unbe-leaf-ably packed with more causes to rally behind. Give the rest of the list a look, and get into the Fall festivities.


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Living Radars

We’re often in a hurry in our daily lives. Getting ready to leave the house, getting the kids to school, getting to work, completing work, getting home, making dinner, etc. Busyness is understandable, but it’s so important we try slowing down here and there.

Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec gives us this ad about hurried drivers in school zones. Of course we all have places to be, but hurrying shouldn’t be at the expense of others. This clever ad lets us think differently and realize nothing is so important it cannot be done safely.

Ads from the Past

1939, Manning-Bowman

“What is not on paper has not been said.”



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