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On-Page, Party On 🤟

SEO tips, a group of rowdy seniors, and your 2022 snack lineup.

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5 On-Page SEO Factors To Check In Underperforming Content

SEO tactics are constantly changing, especially when one of the biggest search engines, Google, likes to keep us on our toes. On-page SEO has changed to be more than just meta descriptions and copy.

It’s time for a refresher! Here are five on-page SEO elements to check if you have some underperforming pages.

  1. Written Content: Your content elements are one of the primary types of on-page SEO. Make sure that the content you write is making good use of your keyword strategy. Use HTML subheadings for structure and SEO support, too!
  2. Title Tags: The title tag is the “title” of your page and is the main element that search engines use to determine your page’s intent. The title tag should be focused on the exact keyword that your page is targeting to support ranking.
  3. Page URL: We all know that every webpage generates a URL, but you should be taking the time to make sure those contain your primary keyword, too. But don’t cram keywords into the URL willy nilly, because search engines might get confused as to which word you are trying to rank for.
  4. Image Alt Text: Visual elements are essential to making your site interesting, but many marketers still neglect their video and image alt text. If you don’t include your target keywords in your alt text, search engines won’t index your visual elements, which means they won’t show up if a user does a video or image search. Alt-text also ensures that your content is accessible. It’s a win-win!
  5. Both Internal And External Links: Internal links are links that point to other content within your website, and they help Google understand the context of a page. External links point to content outside of your website. You need to have a balance of both!

Check out Search Engine Journal’s full post for more on-page SEO resources and examples.

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Capturing Community with Coffee

Just about everyone knows an older adult in their life that uses McDonald’s as their coffee hang-out spot with friends. McDonald’s released a series of ads that embraces Spanglish communities and specifically calls out this group of seniors in Kendall, Florida. It’s a charming ad showing the active social lives of elders and how McDonald’s facilitates it for them.

Ads from the Past

1885, Anheuser-Busch

“Good advertising is a dialogue with people.”

Lee Clow


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