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New LinkedIn features for B2B.

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4 New LinkedIn Features for Business Pages

Level up your B2B marketing efforts by utilizing these 4 new LinkedIn features for business pages.

  1. Native post scheduling.Β Plan posts for your business page up to 3 months in advance directly from the platform. This feature is currently only available on desktop.
  2. Audio events. Participate in audio-only discussions live instead of relying on external broadcasting applications.
  3. Automatic job posting. Businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees can now automatically share one open position each day as a pre-scheduled post.
  4. Follow as your page. LinkedIn Pages can now follow other Pages to help you build more community in your industry.

Check out the full post at Search Engine Journal.

Smash or Pass πŸ‘/ πŸ‘Ž

Do you love the McCormick rebrand? (This is your annual reminder to throw out your dusty old spices, ya’ll.)


LinkedIn Carousel Generator

Carousels are LinkedIn’s best performing post format. Create highly engaging carousels automatically with LinkedIn Carousel Generator by inputting a series of tweets, reddit posts, or image URLs. For free!

Adidas 2023

This is Ridiculous

Ninety-two percent of women feel unsafe when they run. Adidas’ With Women We Run initiative is working to make safe spaces for women to run (without a security detail of horses and motorcycles). The campaign also incorporates workshops and toolkits for men, and safety-focused features on the Adidas Running app.

Ads from the Past

Campbell's, 1936

Campbell’s, 1936


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