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On The Pod 🎙️

A podcast playlist for SMMs.

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👻 Snapchat has announced a $1.5-million yearly investment in AI.

🥲 Is a six-day workweek catching on?

🐶 Please submit your pet portraits captured by Ring cameras. It’s for charity!

🍻 Miller Lite made a Big Green Kegg to accompany your Big Green Egg grill.

⏲️ With feed activity in decline, Instagram is looking to extend the life of Stories.

🤖 ScarJo is taking legal action against OpenAI’s familiar “Sky” voice.

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Top Influencer & SMM Podcasts

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Add these podcasts to your playlist, courtesy of Later:

  1. Beyond Influence, “the influencer marketing podcast for fans, creators, and brands.”
  2. The Influencer Podcast, “for all things  influence, impact, and next-level visibility.”
  3. Girlboss Radio, “helping women find success on their own terms.”
  4. The Shine Online Podcast, “helps you create strategic video content that doesn’t take away from your business.”
  5. SocialMinds, “business leaders and creators discuss the impact of social media and their unique strategies.”
  6. Marketing Girly, “successful women in marketing share their best career advice.”
  7. Her Life By Design, “tips on business, entrepreneurship, influencer marketing, and sponsorships.”
  8. Savvy Social Podcast, “helps business owners learn how to use social media and build connections.”
  9. Creator Club Podcast, “a workshop-style show teaching creators and entrepreneurs the latest strategies for SMM and content creation.”
  10. Social Media Decoded, “for creatives, influencers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.”

Q for You

Would you be amenable to a 6-day workweek?


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For You ❤️

ICYMI, here’s what’s Tik-ing on the TDC Tok:

Free Fighter Jet

Remember that one time, in 1996, when Pepsi implied that you could cash in 7 million loyalty points for a whole fighter jet? That was a whole thing.

Now, Liquid Death is making good on that bounced check. The canned water brand will give away a $400,000 fighter jet in working order (called “The Dehydrator,” max 470 mph) to a lucky contestant who makes an in-store purchase before September 4.

Liquid Death Fighter Jet

You even get 6 months of free hangar space, a year’s supply of Liquid Death, and a branded helmet. If the jet isn’t your thing, you can take a suitcase full of $250k, cold hard cash. Love ya, Liquid Death.

Ads from the Past

Pepsi, 1996

Pepsi, 1996


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