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Take a breath and learn to carve out your schedule like a pro.

How are you staying sharp?

We love learning from our Daily Carnage fam, so we want to keep the #staysharp series going. Here’s the deal – Let’s share our findings with each other by sending in a brief write up or case study that depicts something you learned or tested.

Your submission should include:

  1. The challenge
  2. The solution
  3. And The results or how your audience reacted

We’ll highlight the best right here in the Daily Carnage. Submit your Stay Sharp entry to gloria.pytlak@carney.co with #staysharp as the subject line.

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Time Blocking 101 & Taking Ownership of Your Time

We are wildly distracted right now. How can we focus on metrics and content when pets, kids, chores, and the beautiful outdoors are calling our name. Shifting to remote work is tough

Woven is teaching us to better manage our day by time blocking. Here’s the starter guide on how to take control of your time. 

  • Make Your Priorities. Take control of your day before someone else does. The core piece to time blocking is to set aside the things that matter most to you. Then proactively make time for them in your schedule the week beforehand.
  • Use Templates for Everything. Need to block out time to focus on content? What about an hour of fitness? Make a list of priorities then use smart templates to maximize your day. Plus, Woven has templates available to add complex information to your priorities quickly. 
  • Protect Your Time with Public Link Availability Settings. Once you’ve prioritized your own time, you can start carving out times of your day to share with other people. Just because you’re free, doesn’t mean you’re free for anyone. If you set up and customize your availability based on the type of meetings, you can better show up for those events.
  • Review Your Time. One of the critical components of time blocking is regularly reviewing your time to make sure you’re spending it in the way that you want to. 

Click through for specific time blocking tips from our favorite scheduling expert. Plus, continuing scrolling down for a peek at Woven’s new tool suite that will make you a time master!

Dealing with Zoom Conferencing Overwhelm?

Well, we’re about 4 weeks into social distancing and remote work. How’s that routine coming along?

If you’re riding the struggle bus, Woven can lend a helping hand. This next-generation smart calendar released a suite of tools designed to help maintain productivity and collaborate better. 

One of the key tools in the suite is Zoom integration. You’ll be able to turn those weird meeting URLs into simple “join call” buttons, streamline your entire day, and reduce the Zoom overwhelm. 

Other powerful tools joining Woven’s suite include, “Home” which highlights your important meetings for the day and “Analytics” which gives you actionable insights on how you spend your time. You can review it daily and weekly to ensure you’re spending your most valuable asset on the things you care the most about. 

Download it for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows today for free.


Bigfoot has a name, people. And apparently, that name is Daryl.

There’s nothing like a quirky Progressive commercial to turn a frown upside down, amirite? Progressive shows us a lonely Sasquatch who just isn’t getting the visitors he’s accustomed to.

Side note, anyone else notice Flo and new pal, Daryl are practicing social distancing? But really though, if you happen to encounter a Sasquatch, you should probably keep further away than a mere six feet. Just sayin’.

Ads from the Past

1960, Usher’s

“Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail.”

John Donne


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