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Out with a Bang 💥

Forget something? Here’s you wrap-up checklist.

Be in the Know

How to Wrap Up 2022 & Create Plans for a Strong 2023

Q4 is zooooming on by. We’re sharing this checklist as a way for you to see how you’re wrapping up your year-end plans before diving into your new year strategies.

The top 4 areas of 2022 to wrap up:

  1. Conduct an analytics review for the year
  2. Identify your BEST clients, customers, and referrals to support in 2023
  3. Clean up your data and databases
  4. Speak with stakeholders about 2022 performance and 2023 goals

Questions to ask:


  • What were our key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals, and are they still the right ones?
  • Did we reach our goals?
  • What worked? What didn’t?
  • How did 2022 compare to past years?
  • What are the noticeable trends? Monthly or seasonal changes to the analytics?
  • Did you set up your site for GA4?


  • Are we reaching the right customers? Do we need to revisit our buyer personas?
  • Are we launching any new initiatives or products? What will we need to start marketing those new offerings?
  • Do we have the right marketing budget? Do we need to invest more in something?


  • What do we want to stop doing, start doing, and keep doing?
  • What did we do in 2022 that we would like to improve on? What can we do to create better results?
  • Where do we see our business this time next year? 5 years? 10 years?

Check out the full post by Spot On Digital Media for more 2023 planning ideas.

Q for You

Another friendly reminder that Universal Analytics won't be around forever 😢 Have you set up your analytics for GA4?


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That’s the Pits

Armpits are funny. And weird. And fuzzy.

We all know it, and Fussy deodorant knows it, too. So for its latest ad, Fussy gave us a little holiday remix using an armpit quartet. These odd carolers play “Deck the Halls” with the straightest faces you can have when tooting your own pit. They mean business.

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1890, Huntley & Palmers


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