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Pass the Cranberry Sauce πŸ¦ƒ

We are so thankful for gravy and for you πŸ™‚

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5 Lessons to Learn From Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

If you are running camapigns specifically for the holidays, you likely have your strategy set in stone by now. But we wanted to recap the core essentials to successful holiday marketing, in case you need to tweak anything before you launch.

  1. It Needs Emotion. Happy, sad, hopeful, nostalgic. All of the emotions. The holidays are about family, friends, and giving. It’s your chance as a brand to show your soft side. Focus on connecting with your audience through those relatable emotions.
  2. B2B Has a Place Under the Tree. Holiday marketing isn’t just about shopping deals, it is also about educating your customers. Take chances on your creative for memorable holiday campaigns and gifting for your customers.
  3. Spread Goodness and Cheer. Like we said, it’s the season of giving. Give through a cause or to your community. It promotes a positive image for your brand, BUT authenticity is key. Do it for causes close to your brand values.
  4. Reduce Stress. Especially because of the focus on family, shopping, and the year coming to an end, the holiday season can also become stressful time. Find ways to reduce the stress for your customers where you can. That can be through helpful content like guides, quizzes, and freebies.
  5. It’s Gotta Be Mobile. You cannot ignore the use and importance of mobile shopping. So ensure your user experience is seamless. Engage (and encourage) customers to shop through their smartphone with different communications.

Check out the full blog post by MoEngage for actual campaign examples at work!

Q for You

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Thankful for YOU

For the Thanksgiving holiday, the Carney team will be off Thursday and Friday.Β 

So there will be no Carnage for you tomorrow, but we will serve you up a Friday recap.

THANK YOU to our Daily Carnage readers!

We hope everyone has a long weekend full of loved ones and leftovers.


Gravy Boat Rescue

We hope you and your loved ones know how to cook. Otherwise, you end up with leathery turkey, gritty potatoes, and sandy stuffing. Sad face.

Heinz is here to save your tragic, dry mistakes. Watch the suffering of 10 people as they taste test Thanksgiving dishes that have had better days. It’s great, but we are hard-pressed to believe that anything can save that poor turkey. RIP.

Ads from the Past

1942, Ocean Spray


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