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Build better landing pages.

5 Tips for High-Converting PPC Landing Pages

The better you are at ensuring your customer that you are the unique answer to their specific needand guiding them to take actionthe higher your landing page conversion rates will be. Here’s how:

  1. Create unique landing pages for unique audiences. Improve your conversion rates by providing a hyper-relevant trail for users. Send remarketing traffic to a new landing page that addresses the obstacles they might have encountered the first time around. Plus, you should segment your landing page by traffic source and funnel stage. For example, a Reddit landing page might be more text-heavy and educational than a Facebook landing page.
  2. Test smarter. In split testing, isolate items like selling proposition and elements of trust. How are users perceiving these items within the first few seconds of landing on the page? Pay special attention to features above the fold, like headlines, hero images, and CTAs. Consider also testing dramatically different page layoutsinstead of just single elementsto understand how audiences interact with content.
  3. Begin with the end in mind.Eliminate distractions by limiting navigationinclude one CTA and no option to click away to another page. Most users will only scan content and few will scroll, so rely on bullets and pictures to convey your message. Consider a sticky bar so the CTA follows users down the page.
  4. Less is more.Write clearly and concisely with a readability at a fifth-grade level (depending on your industry). When it comes to design, user experience will always win out over the wow-factor. Ensure your page loads quickly and meets accessibility requirements.
  5. Nothing beats a great offer.You know the deal: a great offer is urgent, provides immediate gratification, and is novelbut still believable.

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Q for You

Do you send your remarketing traffic to the same page as first-time users?


Stensul, a collaborative email creation tool, has recently integrated a Landing Page Builder into its platform, offering templates and no-code modules for maximum efficiency and ease. If you’re a Marketo user, you can also embed forms into your landing pages and upload the HTML to Marketo Marketing Activities in one click.

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