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PICK, Marry, Kill πŸ”ͺ

A chart to try out and get by with a little help from your social media friends.

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How to Make a PICK Chart

When it comes to planning ahead, it helps to visualize your initiatives. Calendars, Difficulty Matrixes, and project timelines are all great options to do it. We want to share the PICK chart as another option.

A PICK Chart is a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tool used to categorize ideas and gets the name from the quadrants it uses:

  • Possible – easy, low payoff
  • Implement – easy, high payoff
  • Challenge – hard, high payoff
  • Kill – hard, low payoff

It’s perfect for answering a singular question for individual tasks to map out or for big-picture brainstorming. Here’s how to use it (it’s super easy):

  1. Draw a 2Γ—2 matrix either on paper for smaller-scale ideas or a whiteboard for bigger planning.
  2. Write ideas using sticky notes or tabs before you start placing anything on the chart.
  3. Place the notes on the grid based on the payoff and difficulty levels. Try to make it as definite as possible (no half-placed notes).
  4. Follow up (the most important step) on the items now that they’ve been prioritized based on where they land on the feasibility and impact. That can mean making timelines or moving resources.

Check out Think Insight’s full directions on how to use this chart and more ideas on how this could help your brainstorming and tackling initiatives.

Q for You

How often are you assessing your marketing tool belt?

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A Whole World on Your Wrist

If the Game of Thrones introduction were Olympics-themed…

OMEGA has been releasing a series of ads with these super detailed, beautiful animations of whole tiny scenes made out of watch parts. The tiny scenes include sailing, diving, the Olympics, golf, and even space to show the magic of their watch mechanics.

Ads from the Past

1920, Jameson


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