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Pick Your Podcast Flavor 🍦

Not all podcasts look alike, but what does yours look like? Feel-good ads found here.

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Podcast Planning: 8 Formats to Consider

Not all listeners enjoy the same type of podcast, so your choice of format has a big impact on your podcast.

Your format isn’t just about pleasing your listeners. It helps you plan! When you choose a consistent format to follow, it guides how you create content, if you invite guests (and who), and how you record episodes. So where do you start with choosing a podcast path? Let’s lay out some options.

Here are 8 popular podcast formats to consider for your podcast:

  1. The interview podcast – You have to start with a central host that can have great conversations, then bring on new guests. The interviews should bring unique expertise and experience.
  2. The solo podcast – Instead of talking with guests for a perspective, it’s the experiences of a single host. It’s a popular format because all you need is you! Spice it up with listener input if you want (advice or callers).
  3. The conversational podcast – The more the merrier! Bounce off another host without making it an interview-style conversation.
  4. The panel podcast – Take your interview podcast, but pump up the number of guests to explore a topic with more experts.
  5. The non-fictional storytelling podcast – Marketers and brands are always aiming to be good storytellers. While telling real-life events might not fit your brand, you can learn storytelling from this format.
  6. The fictional storytelling podcast – Also known as “podcast theater.” Think of it like audio television for story entertainment.
  7. The repurposed content podcast – This is popular for taking existing content and turning it into audio renditions, summaries, or segments to expand your reach.
  8. Your own podcast – Remember, you’re not locked into one lane. You can always switch formats or combine them to make it work for your podcast and listeners. It’s authentic when you make it your own.

Check out real podcast examples, pros, and cons for each format on Castos’ post.

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Pat. Pat. Good Truck.

If you need a little heartwarming, do-gooding, video for the day, here you go.

Toyota released a series of “Born to…” ads. This one is called “Born to Lend a Hand.” It’s all about Tundras getting people out of jams, but it still centers around the people in those situations, or those helping. Either way, you can’t help but thank the truck along the way.

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1950, Carlsberg

“Most people that I know are interested in on-demand stuff; podcasts are essentially audio Netflix.”

Jordan Harbinger


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