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A pigment of your imagination

What's Your Best Guess?

According to Marketo, what color shows up in 33% of the top 100 brands?

*|SURVEY: Gold|*

*|SURVEY: Blue|*

*|SURVEY: Grey-scale|*

*|SURVEY: Red|*

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Be in the Know

Fresh Color Inspiration from the World’s Greatest Masterpieces

Raise your hand if you’re in need of fresh sources of color inspiration. As marketers and designers, we’re constantly dealing with color whether it’s in social graphics, printed brochures, or new branded guidelines.

So where do you turn for inspo? Maybe Instagram? How about Pinterest? We want to share something a little different today. A blast from the past if you will.

Designer and color enthusiast Ryan McGuire has created, Color Lisa, a curated collection of color palettes based on “masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists.”

Color Lisa is one heck of a collection! We’re talking about the greats like Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and much more.

Ready to explore artists and color palettes together👇

  • Frida Kahlo’s self-portraitColors pulled from this piece of art is more bold with greens, golds, and a splash of burnt orange, which could give ag-tech brands, bistros, or coffee shops some flair.
  • Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. Now, you didn’t think a site called, Color Lisa, would leave out the magnificent Mona Lisa, did ya? Brands that are natural, practical, and have an eco-friendly story might want to grab inspo from LD.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe’s Abstraction Blue. Depending on whether you emphasize the darker or the lighter tones, it pairs well with legal firms and coastal vacation rental companies.

And there’s plenty more where those came from. The next time y’all are in need of colorful inspiration, there’s no need to look further than history’s famous art.


Keeping with the colorful theme, ColorZilla is one tool we keep close as a Chrome extension.  This free extension helps our team with color related tasks by getting a color reading from any point in a browser. We love this tool!

See the Love

Oh, all the valentine’s day feels! This ad spot by Lacta will 100% brighten your day and make you see the love all around you. It’s heartwarming. It shouts acceptance from the rooftops. And we are here for every second of it.

We don’t normally make y’all do things. But this is your homework – watch this commercial.

Ads from the Past

1939, Lead Industries Association

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


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