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Pinterest’s Crystal Ball 🔮

Culture trends to watch in 2024.

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Pinterest’s 2024 Trend Predictions

Marketers ought to put a pin in Pinterest’s forecasted trends for 2024, backed by platform data:


  • Blue makeup and nails are making a dazzling comeback.
  • Lotions and bodycare products are headed for primetime as people seek more at-home spa experiences.
  • Big looks will be in, from chunky hoops to fluffy hair.


  • 2024 will be all about the 70s bride, baby.


  • Jazz will resurface in music and aesthetic.


  • Put a bow on it, because they’re back in style.
  • The youths are looking for that “Eclectic Grandpa” vibe. Nod like you know what that means.

Food and Drink

  • Look out for cheesy combinations of indulgent favorites.
  • Little drink umbrellas and tropical flavors will be hot.

Check out the microsite for more trends in home, hobbies, and beyond.

Smash or Pass

Oatly tagged buildings in Paris with some strategic graffiti, which street artists later defaced.

"Is this a piece of art or one of those oat drink ads" is spray painted on a building

100 Characters to Define Your Brand’s Voice

Writing in the voice of a character that aligns with your brand’s persona is a generative exercise that can help you flesh out tone, complexity, and formality. You can reference this document, which functions as a menu of popular characters that embody different archetypes, like “sage” or “explorer,” along with examples of values and brands that fit each category.

Retro Fresh

Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign—featuring ornament motifs, a new typeface, and a monochromatic Santa—hits the sugarcoated sweet spot of festive nostalgia for contemporary audiences. It’s the delicate balance that everyone wants right now: Cultivate the sense of a familiar past that we’ve never seen before. Simple, right?

Elements of Coca-Cola's2023 Christmas campaign

Ads from the Past

Admiral color consoles holiday-priced at $577!

K-Mart, 1977


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