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The Marriage of PPC and SEO

How to use PPC and SEO data together

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Integrate PPC and SEO Together to Achieve Higher Online Marketing ROI

Formula of the day: PPC + SEO = SEM

Two different strategies, together Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Optimization make up Search Engine Marketing. These two are the peanut butter and jelly of the marketing world. Quite the natural pairing. And the topic y’all voted to learn more about.

How PPC and SEO gets its muse is a little more advanced. Don’t worry, though, Visture is going to help us get to that advanced status.

First, Let’s Learn Why. 

  • Leverage valuable data to the fullest
  • Close keyword gaps
  • Improve customer experience
  • Conquer the competition

Making PPC & SEO Work Together

  1. Use PPC keyword data to capitalize on SEO efforts. If you’re actively advertising on Google, you have the ability to see which keywords convert searchers into customers. Grab best performing keywords from paid ads and optimize product, landing, or other vital pages.
  2. Alternatively, SEO data can reduce PPC expenses. For those keywords that are too expensive, put extra effort into getting them ranking organically. You can also identify high-performing long-tail keywords as well as use search traffic location for targeting purposes.
  3. Learn to craft ads that match content. Your goal with SEO is to create a landing page that converts visitors to buyers. PPC is all about creating an ad that closely matches the headlines and content of that landing page.
  4. PPC can play a role in the long game of content marketing. Deploy ads to promote content and build brand awareness and you can learn which products are most popular or the demographics that are most interested.

There’s a lot left to learn from this article. If you’re looking to combine your PPC and SEO then we recommend diving deeper into this one.


Our go-to SEO tool has to be Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. It’s completely free to use too. Ubersuggest can help amp up your content marketing production with keyword and content ideas, analyze page traffic, perform a site audit, and more.

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