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PPC Resolutions

PPC strategies for the new year & an age-old question.

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PPC Strategies to Try for Your Business in 2021

We like to slice up time with useful reference points so we can improve our efficiency and measure success. Designating quarters in the year is a clear example. Many of us charge into each year with bold new strategies and then measure and optimize based on quarterly performance. Doing this enough can lead to stale practices, so it can be helpful to shake things up. A new year is a perfect opportunity. Today, Search Engine Journal is offering some PPC strategies to try for your B2B business in 2021

  • Call Recording. Do you know what happens when your customers leave your website and pick up the phone to call your business? Knowing whether or not the call resulted in a purchase is crucial in determining just how effective your paid ads are in boosting conversions. Google includes its own simple call recording feature so you can dive into your calls and connect the dots.
  • Audience Targeting. Keyword-only targeting strategies can be very effective, but you may not know what you’re missing if you’re not using audience targeting as well. Used alongside keyword targeting, audience targeting can better shape your strategy and get you the clicks that matter most.
  • Remarketing & Customer Match. Remarketing takes into account those who have previously visited your site and may be interested in your offerings. Customer match allows you to serve ads directly to individuals you have compiled in a customer list. Take the bird in the hand and target people who have already shown some interest.
  • Dynamic Search Ads. Google gets better and better at automating its ad capabilities. Dynamic Search Ads are helpful in uncovering some effective long-tail keywords by referencing quality content on designated pages of your website. Give it a test before plunging into the deep end and see how it works for you.

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Finding niche keywords in PPC campaigns can be an effective way to run a more cost-friendly ad campaign than using more general keywords. Use AnswerThePublic to help you target more long-tail keywords.

Just type a keyword and this tool will generate a variety of questions people have asked surrounding the keyword. Use these queries to craft long-tail keywords, or consider answering some of the questions in your own blog posts.

The Chicken

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? It’s the age-old question we still ponder. If you want to get technical, then you might note that the type of egg isn’t specified. Therefore you could say dinosaur eggs came before chickens. Case closed.

U Shops presents this ad recognizing the controversy between chickens and eggs. However, while there is much confusion around the question, there is less confusion surrounding the source of U Shops’ eggs. There’s no question that their eggs come from free-range hens.

Ads from the Past

1985, Domino’s Pizza

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

Karen Ravn


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