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5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Boost Productivity and Focus

Anyone else wish there are more hours in a day? Just think about how productive we could all be with some bonus time, or let’s be honest, how much sleep we could get.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see this extra hour (but it’s 2020 so who the heck knows). The next best thing is making time to be more productive where it counts. TopRank Marketing kicks it off this week with 5 ways B2B marketers can boost productivity and focus.

Find and Preserve Your Productivity Pockets.

You probably already know which part of the day you’re most productive, and alternatively when you’re not. Keep this productivity time as your own by blocking it off on your calendar. The less interruption you have during this time, the better.

Scrutinize the Purpose Behind Meetings and Video Calls.

Joining a meeting is easier than ever with services like Zoom. That said, are all those meetings really necessary?

  1. Meetings can have a way of keeping people from getting work done, so really consider what can and can’t be accomplished over email or Slack.
  2. Additionally, declining meetings with no set agenda can be a time saver if possible for you.
  3. Schedule your meetings back-to-back so you don’t have small gaps in between because it can be hard getting back into the zone.

Consume New and Unfamiliar Content.

Repetition gets awfully mundane. Breaking out of routines is a good thing to an extent. Perhaps you’re always catching up on the latest industry news and best practices. While it helps your own professional development, it keeps your mind constantly in the same lane.

Read something you wouldn’t normally consider or watch a show in a genre you haven’t explored. This all helps break out of your typical train of thought and can lead to breakthroughs in productivity and increased creativity.

Read on for the last two points about unplugging on weekends and managing attention.


Never in humanity’s history have there been as many distractions as we have today. This is fantastic when you’re bored and looking for something to do; there are almost infinite possibilities. However, it’s often a hindrance when getting work done. StayFocusd keeps you right on track.

There are plenty of websites, extensions and apps for limiting access to social media and other websites while you work, but StayFocusd lets you set time limits on these rather than blocking them outright. This way you can allow yourself 15 minutes on Facebook and another 15 on YouTube if you really need a quick break.

Election Day is right on the horizon, and poll workers are needed. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity where you can serve your own community, consider helping this coming November.

Little Big Man

Household chores and projects can seem like a big endeavor. Especially if you’re tackling something you’ve never faced before. The good news is we’re all capable of so much more than we might think.

Hornbach brings us this ad with a bathroom sink installation a homeowner is up against. Dwarfed (literally) by the size of the project, he fights an uphill battle and ultimately comes out on top.

Ads from the Past

1936, New York Department of Parks

“Indefinite plans get dubious results.”

Natalie Goldberg


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