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Pump the Brakes on Posting 🛑

In this week’s recap: aligning your email strategies and pivoting social media to changes.

True or False?

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LinkedIn has more monthly users than Pinterest.

Top Posts of the Week

BONUS: Unicode has announced the 2022 new emoji finalists

What We Learned

Monday: A lead magnet is something of value to your audience that is given in exchange for something. Expert Market shared stats on the best lead magnets and all the tips that go along with gathering leads with them. They have a full guide including helpful infographics and examples for each type.

Tuesday: Brands have to be mindful of the content they share during world events and tragedies. The Social Media Butterfly blog put together tips for how to manage your social media during a tragedy or global crisis and action items you can use for your personal LinkedIn management.

Wednesday: Successful campaigns all start with strong research and smart messaging. Zapier shared 6 key steps to putting together B2B email campaigns an how to approach marketing to groups within organizations. This post includes strategies, landing page advice, and stellar email examples from other brands.

Thursday: Navigating social media can be tricky when platforms are constantly changing. If you want the most recent trends on Instagram, check out Mention and Hubspot’s 2022 Instagram Engagement Report. Get the most recent stats from over 100 million posts.

Join the Conversation

Danielle wrote, “We have campaigns performing very well in terms of clicks, impressions, CTR, etc., but conversions aren’t happening. We’ve updated the audience a few times, we don’t let our ads get exhausted, we are AB testing, retargeting, doing everything we are supposed to and leads aren’t coming in…This is the most over asked, vague question but what the heck else is there to do?”

A group member asked, “Does anyone know of a good dynamic QR code tracking service that is free or of very minimal cost or a good way to track QR code usage that is very simple? My church is looking to use QR codes for a few different purposes, but has limited knowledge of Google Analytics and is a little overwhelmed by the idea of UTM codes.”

Kaitlyn shared, “Hey Carnitas! My coworker got an email from Ulta with a limited time sale and once the time frame had passed, she went back to the original email and saw that the image had updated to reflect the sale was over. WHAT! Does anyone know how they did this??”

Chavie posted, “Making custom IG story stickers for clients to use:
1- recs for good free platform to make them in
2- how do I upload them
3- how do I ensure my clients can find them easily
4- any other best practices/ important things to keep in mind?
(I’m a movement/ exercise facilitator and would like to have the stickers so ppl can snap selfies/ pics before/after the class and post to their story) Thanks!”

Apple Cider Bellini


  • 1 oz apple cider
  • 1 oz apple vodka (recipe used Skyy Honeycrisp Vodka)
  • Champagne or prosecco
  • Apple slices


  • To make one cocktail: add cider and vodka to a champagne flute, then top off with champagne and an apple slice.
  • To make a pitcher: add cider and vodka to a pitcher, then fill with a bottle of champagne and apple slices.

Recipe by Crazy for Crust

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Ads from the Past

1961, General Electric

Did Ya Know?

True or False: LinkedIn has more monthly users than Pinterest.


b. False

  • Pinterest 433 million monthly users
  • LinkedIn 310 million monthly users

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