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Time for a Refresher

We’re running through a GDPR refresher and a lot more.

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Do you practice GDPR in your marketing efforts?

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GDPR and social media: What marketers need to know

Did ya’ll know as of January 2020, $126 million+ fines were issued to companies who violated GDPR.

Making sure our fam of sharp marketers doesn’t fall into that stat, we’re taking a refresher course. SproutSocial is covering the 2018 data protection law implemented by the EU known as General Data Protection Regulation.

What the heck is GDPR? SproutSocial makes it clear, “…businesses can’t collect or process the data of consumers without consent.”

Is GDPR relevant to non-EU businesses? Absolutely, it is! If your business is attempting to gather visitor data or sell goods/services to customers within the EU, you need to follow GDPR law.

How GDPR impacts social platforms?

  • Facebook & Instagram- details usage of in-product notifications, the privacy control center, and internal documentation to remain GDPR-compliant.
  • Twitter – highlights role as controller/processor, and how the platform’s Tailored Audience Program is impacted by GDPR
  • LinkedIn – open about how the ad platform leverages data under GDPR.
  • Pinterest – explains how the company treats its users’ data.
  • TikTok – has a privacy policy broke down by region and launched “Family Safety Mode.”

The big-picture relationship between GDPR and social media. It’s meant to give folks peace of mind and more ownership of their data.

  1. Emphasize trust throughout your marketing efforts by posting more than promotional content, putting an actual “face” to your business by featuring employees or customers, and paying close attention to your reputation.
  2. Avoid a data breach by cutting loose ends on social media security. Do this by setting up an approval process and limiting access to your social accounts to a select few. Also, take advantage of using the two-factor authentication across your social media accounts and third-party tools. 
  3. Strive to build customer relationships through multiple touchpoints. Reach out, share shout-outs, and focus on positive customer interaction.

We couldn’t cover everything here, but SproutSocial has what you need. Smash that button!


If you’re anything like us, you’re registered for several… no, a ton of different accounts that help you get the marketing job done. And, oh, the passwords – the endless amount of passwords!

This is where LastPass comes in handy. On a mission to safeguard your data, LastPass holds all of your passwords in a manager vault. You’re responsible for one, single password and that’s it. We’re liking the possibilities here!

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NYC brings Jason Voorhees back to life (again) to drive home the point that we should all wear masks. We’d sure like to see a handwashing PSA starring Freddy Krueger next – in our dreams, perhaps.

Ads from the Past

1961, Ford

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Audrey Hepburn


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