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Rev Up Your Branding Engines ๐Ÿš—

Plugin woes and how to make your rebrand transition successful.

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Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Rebranding

Rebranding helps brands stay consistent and on-brand for all your marketing efforts. But it has to be done properly as a collaborative process with some transitioning.

Before you start your rebranding process, consider these Qs first:

  • Do you want to make a partial or total rebrand?
  • Has your target audience changed?
  • Will a rebrand help to reach your brandโ€™s goals?
  • Do you need to update your mission, values, and vision, too?

The main idea is to create a brand identity (visual and otherwise) so that customers can understand who you are. Here are some parts of a brand identity that could be rebranded:

  • Your Logo: It’s the thing people think of first for branding. If you are rethinking your logo, transitioning it from your old logo depends on how different you make it. Often you can do a switch across all channels. If it’s very different, you might need to launch an official announcement.
  • Your Company Name: Your companyโ€™s name should align with your brandโ€™s mission, vision, and values. This is something that’s going to need a direct “here’s our new name.”
  • Your Brand Colors: Time for some competitor research and color psychology. Try to look at your brand with fresh eyes and consider what colors relay your messages this best.
  • Your Typography. Check out whether your original fonts are compatible with your brand image. Ask yourself if they’re outdated and avoid following new font trends (they might not last).
  • Your Slogan: Slogans should be short, sweet, and explanatory. It can be metaphorical, clever, or make a claim. When rebranding, don’t forget to consider your slogan’s alignment with your mission.
  • Your Guidelines: The most important thing when rebranding is to get all the right people involved. Create a clear guide on color use, logo variations, imagery, font use, brand voice, and messaging. Get the whole team on board or else you get mixed branding and misuse.

Check out the full blog post by Mention that goes through everything to consider when rebranding.

Q for You

Do you think print ads are dead?


Screenshots don’t have to be ugly.

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Scalemail makes it easier than ever to grow your lists by incentivizing referrals. It’s a platform that can be built right into your existing system and start working for you in these 3 steps:

Step 1: Sweeten the Deal! Offer up some incentives like prizes and discounts.

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An Intelligence Intervention

What do you do if your kid is too smart?

When kids are Hooked on Phonics, sometimes they can end up being little smarty pants that can intimidate their parents. This ad from the education brand shows if your kid is quoting German philosophers or sassing you with their vocabulary, it’s time to have a talk about it.

Ads from the Past

1978, Volkswagen


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