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Risky Business 😬

Choose your top ugly sweater PLUS what to do in a big bad breach.

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Making the Most of a Security Breach

It can be extremely difficult to gain the trust back from users if you experience a security breach or crisis. So while obviously the first piece of advise in risk management is to prevent it in the first place, you should also be prepared if it does happen.

Brands should look at it as an opportunity to provide more communication, more collaboration, and more transparency to users. While actively prioritizing better processes and investing in better risk management, turn a negative into a positive.

Here are 3 approaches to bounce back from a breach:

  1. Pre-Breach Approach. Transparency goes a long way. Public disclosure of security policies and certifications shows your commitment to security. While that can be shown publicly on social media, email communications, or hosted on your website, it is also important to have this up-to-date information available to stakeholders as well.
  2. Breach Approach. When an incident does happen, make it a rule that you should NOT rush to conclusions. Decide on a small, trusted group of experts PLUS third-party supporters at the ready. Then when it comes to investigating and reporting, be sure to include an executive summary, technical details, and regular updates.
  3. Post-Breach Approach. Stress ongoing commitment, governance policies, and cyber investment. Don’t be afraid to actively highlight technical threats and vulnerability management processes.

Check out the full sunnyside perspective about breaches and crisis management on the MarTech Series blog.

Q for You

Which “ugly” branded sweater is your favorite?

Surfer SEO

AI has become so popular everywhere that it’s a natural fit for SEO, too. Surfer SEO is a software tool designed to use AI to help you write content that will rank well in Google search results. While it doesn’t replace creating quality content yourself, it excels at giving you a lot of really useful data about the top pages for a keyword and putting it in a form that is actionable. The content editor and audit tools give you very clear guidance about changes you can make that are likely to improve the performance of your content.


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Warm Wishes Don’t Cut It

The National Energy Action released this ad to raise awareness of the fuel crisis. It features a haunting reimagination of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” along with indoor scenes of cold homes.

The holidays bring about a lot of ideas around warmth, comfort, and celebration. And unfortunately, the cost of living and fuel are causing millions of households without those qualities.

Ads from the Past

1966, Jim Beam


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