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Move, Get Out The Way

and 4 marketing videos that do everything right.

Facebook is Running Out of Room

You know the saying – two’s company, 1 billion’s a crowd. According to our grrrl, Amy Porterfield, Facebook’s newsfeed is running out of room. There’s just. too. much. stuff. Fortunately, she has some legit tips on how to chase that infamous Algorithm so you can push your way to the front of the crowd. Here’s what you’ll get from today’s audio jam:

  • Three truths about what’s working on Facebook TODAY (Including why your post has to perform well from the minute it goes live)
  • Five new rules of Facebook marketing (and the one thing you should STOP doing right now)
  • Three words to live by as you experiment and test these new ways of driving engagement (and how they apply to all parts of your business)


Say whaaaaat? Yeah. SEO + Emojis. More specifically emoji SEO. Today’s Read is all about it, because “at the rate millennials and Generation Z is using emojis, the rise of emoji SEO is coming sometime within the next 10 years.” (We know how powerful the iGeneration is gonna be.)

Did you know if you search Google using the swimsuit emoji + Portland, Oregon, it will show results for for swimwear stores in Portland? We think that’s crazy cool, and a perfect glimpse of where the future is taking us. As Google recognizes more emojis, and indexes results relevant to them, how will emojis begin to impact your online visibility?  

Read on to learn more about this growing trend, as well as examples of:

  • Emojis in local SEO
  • Emojis in branded search terms
  • Emojis in city searches

4 Marketing Videos That Do Everything Right

We can all agree that tools make everything  easier (except the ones that wear too much cologne). How would we build things without our trusty hammer and nails, or see new stars without telescopes? We’re still waiting on a real life Wall-E , though.

In the new millennia, we have tools for nearly everything, and this infinite toolbox allows us to experiment with the best results. For marketers, sometimes it’s other marketing campaigns that become our best tools, sourcing inspiration and researching successes and failures.

So today, we’re serving up a roundup of “The 4 Best Marketing Videos (That Do Everything Right).” Each video has it’s own creative voice and unique message, but all have one thing in common: they went viral. 

“Clients don’t care about the labor pains; they want to see the baby.”
Tim Williams

Ads from the Past


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