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International SEO Strategy for Non-Dominant Language Audiences

If you’ve ever traveled somewhere people speak a different language than your own, then you know from experience how challenging it can be to navigate everyday things like getting around or ordering food. And behind languages are cultures with unique histories that ultimately culminate into what we witness as observers.

SEO may seem so fairly uniform and standardized. While this is true to an extent, you’ll find the need to adapt your strategies when your web presence transcends geographic borders. To shed some light on international SEO, Search Engine Journal is sharing strategies for non-dominant language audiences.

Create Content in the Target Language

No surprise here; to communicate with your target audience, you’ll need to make sure you’re speaking their language (literally). If your site is already built out for English speakers in the US, you can easily use the same site to target American expats living in France.

Use Hreflang Tags to Help Content to Be Discovered by Your Audience

A little fuzzy on Hreflang tags? These tags tell Google which language and country a specific page is intended for. For example, “en-us” is an Hreflang tag indicating the English language in the United States. There are a few ways you can use these tags to fit your needs.

  • Target English speakers in France. If your Hreflang tag is currently “en-us”, you can just use “en” to target English speakers everywhere, including France. But if you have a specific site or page just intended for English speakers in France, you could use “en-fr”.
  • Target French speakers in the US. The Hreflang tag follows the same language-country format, so in this case, we would use an “fr-us” tag.
  • Exclude French speakers outside of France and the US. Hreflang tags don’t offer exclusions, but you can achieve this by excluding IP addresses outside the locations you’re trying to reach.

Read on about localizing the language for your audience.

Q for You

Does your website have content catering to more than one language?

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Who is your website tailored to? English speakers in the US? Outside the US? German speakers? French? Chinese? All of the above? Digital knows no boundaries, but the people accessing digital content have many differences to appeal to. Use Hreflang Tags Generator Tool to implement the correct tags into your site.

This tool takes any of the guesswork out of your Hreflang tags. Not sure what the code is for a particular country or language? This makes it easy. Just paste your URL and select the language and country you want. You’ll get an auto-generated tag you can use right away.


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Tide Cold Callers

What do you do when a cold caller dials you up? Ignore it? hang up? Give them the time of day? In the age of phone spoofing and robocalls, it’s hard to determine who’s behind the number before you pick up. Here goes nothing…

Tide brings us this ad with Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin who have both found new vocations as cold callers. On the other end of the line, an unsuspecting Annie Murphy learns a thing or two about saving energy on laundry. Remember – it’s only an ad. Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin aren’t actually making cold calls to people. So if you get one from them, it’s probably just a scammer.

Ads from the Past

1941, Birds Eye

“The best marketers are always creating relationships. Relationships with customers, brands, and other marketers.”

Kurt Uhlir


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