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Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of SEO)

One great SEO checklist, plus a new resource just for our fam!

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How do y'all feel about SEO strategies?

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A Simple (But Effective) 31-Point SEO Checklist

Ahrefs is walking us through these SEO tactics like it’s an easy bake recipe. And there are a TON of ingredients to cover, so we’re not wasting any time. Let’s go!

Best practices to get you started.

  1. Install an SEO plugin like Yoast to make the daunting technical stuff less daunting.
  2. Help search engines find the important content on your site by creating a sitemap.
  3. Add a robots.txt file to your site that instructs search engines where they can and can’t go.
  4. Set up Google Search Console and link it with Google Analytics. GSC tracks your performance in search and shows your ranking keywords.

The most crucial piece: keyword research

  1. Take advantage of Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to target one primary keyword for each page or post on your site.
  2. Find long-tail keyword variations by using Google autocomplete.
  3. Understand the search intent behind the keyword you’re targeting.
  4. Take a peek at the “People also ask” box or the “Searches related to” section for a deeper understanding into the Qs people are actually asking.
  5. Analyze SERPs for indicators of a difficult keyword. Don’t waste your time pursuing an unachievable keyword.

Optimize on-page content

  1. Keep URLs short while still providing insight so that expectations are always clear.
  2. Should you include your keyword in the title tag and description? Sure. But, don’t force it. Instead, craft an enticing title and description that will increase CTR.
  3. Ahrefs recommends using one H1, and include your keyword in it for the benefits of scannability and link framing.
  4. Link out to high-quality, relevant web pages and make an effort to use internal links. 

Well, we only got about halfway. Click through to get a pro-level checklist on content, technical SEO, and link building.

Rank Math

So you want to optimize your pages to rank higher in the search engines? Don’t we all, friends. Don’t we all.

Luckily, we’re hearing great things about Rank Math. It’s a free WordPress plugin that helps with writing SEO-friendly content and ranking higher in search engines. Just to name a few basics, you could…

  • Add titles, meta descriptions, and other meta tags
  • Redirect URLs
  • Find and fix dead links

Introducing… Sharp Jobs!

It’s been a pretty difficult first half of the year. We see many within our Daily Carnage fam feeling the impact of COVID. And we really wanted to help you and your teams. So, we created Sharp Jobs – a job board specifically made for the sharpest marketers in the room.

⚡️Is your company hiring? Fill out the quick form to get the position in front of highly qualified talent.

⚡️Looking for new opportunities? Visit Sharp Jobs to see what companies are currently hiring for marketing-related positions.

For example, our friends at Click Canyon are on the search for a part-time Digital Marketing Assistant to take on the development of social content, work closely with web developers, and interface with clients.

Smash that button!

What is the most expensive word in business

Notice the lack of a question mark in the title. That’s because it’s not a question at all. You may have heard stats on how many billions of dollars in productivity are lost to traffic each year, and it goes to demonstrate that time is money. So how about the time it takes to ask for clarification: what?

EPOS wants to clear things up once and for all so that people can hear each other crystal clear and don’t need to waste precious seconds asking “what?” Still wondering what that means? See for yourself!

Ads from the Past

1896, Bird’s Custard Powder

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”

Henry David Thoreau


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