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Measuring brands in the binary.

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Should You Be Measuring Share of Model?

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As large language models transform the search experience, negative reviews about your brand may be repeated in answers to queries.

Marketers will need to measure and track how AI perceives a brand and compares it to competitors, as well as why and how it suggests products and services to customers. But how?

  1. Review creative assets from the perspective of LLMs. Consider Gemini, Copilot, GPT4, and Llama like a concentrated, powerful focus group. Ask each model questions about audiences, markets, and proof points, and compare answers.
  2. Once you understand prevailing AI perceptions of a brand, you can optimize them to double down on the preferable sentiment and match the most effective content to each model.
  3. Review outputs and recalibrate briefs regularly as new models are introduced and existing models continue to learn and develop.

Check out AdWeek to learn more about establishing share of model as a metric to watch.

Q for You

Have you started gauging AI models' perception of your brand(s)?

Accessibility Tip for LinkedIn Polls

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Key insight: Your poll data isn’t accurate if the poll UX is not accessible.

What happened: Carney tested a poll using copy within the character limits for poll choices, but found that users with larger text enabled for accessibility were served truncated copy in the LinkedIn mobile app.

What it means: Even if you respect the character limits, users may see only the first part of each answer. So, how do we ensure polls are accessible for all users?

Head to over to our Creative Director’s recap on LinkedIn for the actionable insight.

Gravy Train

The new Heinz campaign is all gravy, baby.

The ketchup kings are investing in their second-largest subcategory, jarred gravy, with a social series called “Gravy Hot Takes,” influencer content, OOH, and more.

The campaign supports the addition of three vegetarian gravies (Roasted Garlic + Rosemary, Caramelized Onion + Thyme and Herbs De Provence), which Heinz hopes will transcend the holiday season and take root as a versatile condiment all year round.

Gravy is the new ketchup

Ads from the Past

Kris-Pi, 1952

Kris-Pi, 1952


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