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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing or Hosting Your Next Webinar, According to Experts

2020 showed us that Zoom has quite a learning curve for some people. Perhaps your entire team watched in horror as a colleague thoroughly cleaned their nose with the camera still on. There are also those who haven’t yet mastered the mute function as the train rolls by every morning.

It happens to the best of us, and it can be embarrassing. Best to move on and hope your own Zoom incident won’t haunt you years into the future. But when you go from attending Zoom calls to hosting webinars, you’ll want to ensure all goes without a hitch. Hubspot is sharing 9 mistakes to avoid when marketing or hosting your next webinar.

  • Your webinar isn’t valuable. It’s not easy to provide people with insights and knowledge they haven’t seen or heard elsewhere. But if you know something people don’t know, then your webinar will be much more valuable. If there’s no clear or unique takeaway, then what’s the point of hosting the webinar in the first place?
  • Your webinar is too sales-y. Of course you have something to sell. People attending your webinar already know this. But they’re attending because they want to learn something valuable, not listen to an hour-long sales pitch. Give them content related to your offerings but not about your offerings.
  • You’re pursuing too many goals with one webinar. Your webinar must have a singular focus. This will ensure the content all stays relevant around the core topic, and you’ll attract people interested in learning more about the topic. If you try to do too much in your webinar, it may seem scattered and lacking a primary focus.
  • You’re not acknowledging the realities and limitations of the format. While people tune into your webinar, they’re probably tuned in to other things as well. Anticipate that people will multitask while viewing your webinar. Keep the most important bits concise and front and center as they are not to be missed.

Read on for more avoidable webinar mistakes.

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How many webinars do you attend in the average month?

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