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Snapchat, We Gotta Talk…

and how to harness the untapped awesome of LinkedIn ads.

Harness the Untapped Awesome of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads. They’re expensive, but they also work. Story time: we just ran an ad for a client that burned through its budget in under a minute and resulted in a slew of new leads for their company. If that’s not the quickest return on ad spend ever, we don’t know what is. 

Here’s what we want to know though: Have you ever given LinkedIn ads a shot? Their platform is slightly complex, but when done right, they pay offWith that in mind, tune into today’s Listen to find out the secrets of LinkedIn ads and get ready to tap into their incredible potential.

Tips & Timestamps:

  • The different categories of LinkedIn ads (Sponsored InMail FTW) (3:45)
  • The types of ads that work best on LinkedIn (7:46)
  • How to target specific companies with your ads (10:10)
  • How video plays into the future of LinkedIn (23:12)
  • Virality on LinkedIn – it’s easier than any other platform! (27:27)
  • The best time to post on LinkedIn (28:04)
  • Initial cost per lead is higher, but the quality of those leads is likely better than any other platform (30:20)

Oh, Snap…Map

Snapchat, we gotta talk… We know Instagram took your thing, but why are you taking it out on us? Some of us still hold a tender spot in our hearts for you. Playing endlessly with filters during Hulu commercials and showing our parents the MAGIC so that, they, too, may send us charmingly warped versions of themselves.

But, Snap Map really jumps the shark. In an everyday, personal kind of way, Snap Map has real stranger danger vibe about it, and it’s made users pretty uneasy. Not to mention that, now, we can see where our friends are….together…without us.

As marketers we’ll say that it’s at least heading down a very interesting geographical advertising path. Not yet open to advertisements, we assume it’s only a matter of time if the feature wants to survive. As in, ads within Snap Maps could be better positioned to get people to go to a brand-related location. Learn more in today’s Read. In the meantime, may we suggest “ghost mode”?

Generate Leads from Video

We know that video is going to play a huge role in the future of marketing, but the big question is: How do you actually get leads from video? Sunny Lenarduzzi is here with the answers! Sunny’s a video pro, a social media pro, and a marketing pro – she’s just straight up good at what she does. So, trust us when we say, Sunny is gonna teach you how to get leads from your video marketing efforts.

Here are her tips:

  • Tactic 1: Free Consultation with Facebook Live. Teach something to your followers! Carnage tip: This is a great time to reuse an old blog post that performed well.
  • Tactic 2: Lead Magnets! You know, the add-ons to your content that people have to download something to learn more. Why aren’t you using lead magnets in your videos already?
  • Tactic 3: Quizzes. Yes, quizzes! It’s a great way to build engagement and, eventually, get them into your marketing funnel.

It’s only 5 minutes – why not watch it while ignoring that email from your coworker?

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”
Doug Kessler

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