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Social Media Swim Lessons 🏊

Make strides and waves with your social media content.

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20+ Social Media Content Ideas for Every Stage of Your Funnel

Social media marketing has often been thought of as a channel purely to foster brand awareness. But with the right strategy, targeting, and a bit of creativity, you can optimize your social feeds to target even the later stages of your sales funnel.

Turn your social media audience from lurkers into loyal customers.

But how do you do that through social media content? SocialBee will be presenting a social media marketing session exclusively at Mention’s Optimize Your Marketing Funnel 2022 event, happening next week on June 22nd.

Roxana, SocialBee’s Head of Marketing, will be sharing 20+ social media content ideas for every stage of the funnel. Join the free session to get inspired, learn from examples that have worked in the past, and bring an extra breath of life into your social strategy.

Check out the full agenda and grab your free spot at the event before it’s too late!

Q for You

Which platform are you spending the most time watching videos these days?


Since SocialBee is going to be hosting a session about social media content, we figured we should fill you in on the platform, too. SocialBee is an all-in-one tool for organizing, scheduling, and posting your social media content. They have handy set, pause, and reschedule features for your evergreen content. PLUS it has a full Canva integration including Canva editing features in the post editor. Check it out to see if it’s a good fit for your team!

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Looking to enlist a digital agency to help out with your upcoming website remodel? How about a team to tackle your marketing newsletter? Are you ready for that rebrand?

Whatever digital expertise you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Carney. Just let us know!

Chicken Cannibalism Crisis

Meet Larry. He’s a chicken with a forbidden craving. In fact, Larry might need some therapy.

Bojangles released this ad for their crispy chicken sandwiches that are so good, even chickens would want a bite. Luckily, Larry is an animated chicken. That makes it a little less crazy. A little.

Ads from the Past

1990, Chanel


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