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Some catch-up with your fries 🍟

Your Google Marketing Livestream recap, plus Pride and Pinterest.

Be in the Know

Key Takeaways From the Google Marketing Livestream 2021

In the Google Marketing Livestream last week, Google announced new features and tools. There’s a large shift in focus on local search support, travel ad features, and insight upgrades. Search Engine Journal has given a thorough recap of the features and rollouts.

A Continued Focus on Privacy

  • Custom audiences rollout
  • Consent capabilities added to Google Tag Manager

Expanded Automation Solutions

  • Expanding target ROAS
  • Expanding Performance Max out of beta

Deeper Insights and Standing Out in the SERP

  • Image extensions included in search ads
  • Extending modeling capabilities to the Behavioral Report
  • Advertiser Report in Google Analytics
  • Incorporating YouTube & Display in attribution models

New Solutions for Retailers

  • New attribute tags to help consumers connect with like-minded businesses
  • Using AR to allow prospects to try on makeup and clothes
  • Google’s integration with loyalty programs
  • Surfacing deals for prospects with “deals results page”
  • Advertising options like available for store pickup, curbside pickup, and now later pickup
  • New “Shop Pay” buying option for Buy on Google listings
  • New eCommerce Integrations

New Solutions for the Travel Industry

  • Hotel booking extensions
  • Vacation rentals added to hotel results pages
  • Enhancing commissions (per stay) bidding

That’s a lot of stuff to keep on top of as an advertiser. See the full, detailed summary from Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

Did you watch the Google Marketing Livestream?


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Pinterest can be a land of endless ideas and discoveries. Going down a pinning spree rabbit hole isn’t new to anyone who has used it before. This ad goes into so many of the categories on Pinterest and how surprising your creativity can be when given the right inspiration. From food to flameworking to fashion, Pinterest is your hub for it all.

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1968, Boeing

“People can break through the noise. People trust people. Influence is about relationships.”

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