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Speed Demon 😈

Moving at the speed of Vin Diesel. Plus how to get more not-stock stock photos.

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The Value of High-Velocity Marketing

How “fast” is your customer experience? Marketing has to be a timely dance nowadays for how immediate inquiries, comments, emails, DMs are. Not to mention, the internet never sleeps, and neither do things that can go wrong (Sorry, we’re not trying to keep you up at night anymore than you already are).

Here is the run down of doing Rick Bobby fast marketing (hint: it’s about being prepared):

  • Understanding your “Speed of CX”: It’s the measurement for how quickly you can deliver new or highly appropriate content and service.
  • Pick the right platform: A high-velocity content process means getting technology that can support it. Immediate responses are a new standard, but there are plenty of ways to deliver that without your team losing sleep.
  • Utilize segments and personas: Make them as identifiable as possible for the best individual experiences. It’s a lot of work up front to make your custom messaging more efficient.
  • Funnel Vision: Understand your most important journeys across your customer funnels. Where can time to market be reduced? Map out content to make sure your boat is free of holes for smooth sailing.

If you’re not firstyou’re not last. But when you market at high velocity, you gain a competitive advantage. This may seem like a given, but reducing time to market on products or deploying content quickly means getting that marketing finders fee.

We want to stress that faster is not always better. And we’ve all seen that too many hot potato turnarounds can lead to burnout. Read more on high-velocity marketing tips in CIO’s piece and the featured case study.

Q for You

Weird Q for you, but do you get enough quality sleep? (See the "Ad to Watch" below for context)

Death to Stock 🔪

Death to Stock. It’s a pretty literal name. Un-stockify your stock photos because we all know that they’re boring! This artist-owned co-op is a resource for unique photos and videos to add to your creative. We’ve seen the sins before of the same stock models used over and over again. Avoid it with new work added each month!

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Slunk Jeep?

This fever dream of an ad from Mattress Firm is somewhere we’ve all been. Fogs, forgetfulness, and funky thoughts. They’re all results of a janky night of sleep. Liev Schreiber narrates this odd slumber journey and all in the hopes of making you reconsider what mattress you’re trusting your best sleep with.

Ads from the Past

1960, 7-UP

“Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.”

Salvador Dali


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