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Speling & Grammer 🤦‍♀️

Proofreading tips & a bold Pringles ad.

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Which one of these proofreading tricks do you think would catch most of your writing mistakes?

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10 Content Proofreading Tips for Modern Content Marketers

Happy New Year, y’all! As the world resolves to rid itself of COVID-19, many of us are forming our own annual resolutions. Of course, there are the classics: join a gym, read more, stop ignoring Duo the owl and finally learn to parle français. And for those of us riding the train of continuous improvement for our content, Copyblogger has 10 content proofreading tips for modern content marketers.

  • Proofread backwards. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do for your copy. Even if it’s your own eyes after taking a break from what you’ve written. However, some things just can’t wait. Reading your content backwards simulates a fresh set of eyes by allowing you to view your content in a completely different way. Try a it give!
  • Stop at every punctuation mark. Noting punctuation is the easiest way to break up your content when proofreading. Additionally, by stopping at each instance you can verify whether or not punctuation is used correctly.
  • Scan the first word of each paragraph. Review your word choices specifically when beginning new sentences. Using the same words over and over can get boring, so vary the words you use to keep your writing engaging.
  • Verify spellings of people’s names. The baristas at Starbucks don’t have the time to look you up on Google in order to find the correct spelling of your name, but you do. While you’re writing, just open a new tab and search the person you’re referencing to confirm you’re spelling the name correctly.
  • Verify spellings of company names. This is just as important as the previous point, if not more. People will easily recognize when company names are misspelled – especially if the company is well known. Remember, misspelling a company’s name isn’t a typo; it’s a mistake.

Read on for more proofreading tips!

Paper Rater

It’s still necessary to look over your content manually with your own two eyes. However, there are tools that can help you through this process faster. Paper Rater will help you do just that.

Copy and paste your text and this tool will flag spelling & grammar errors. Furthermore, it will grade your use of active vs passive voice, sentence length, and transitional words and phrases for better flowing content.

New Pringles Scorchin’

Nobody likes uncomfortable scenarios. For the most part, we steer clear of awkward situations in order to preserve our sanity. That said, we all have our awkward moments our brains love to remind us of.

Pringles gives us this ad showing off the uncomfortable spice of its scorchin’ chips. This teenager is asking his girlfriend’s father some pretty hard-hitting questions. He’s surely bolder than any Pringles flavor we’ve ever had. He might want to chew it over with a Twix before reaching back into that can.

Ads from the Past

1966, Volkswagen

“If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter.”

Stephen Denny


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