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How to E-E-A-T for brands.

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💵 PayPal announced plans to create a new advertising platform rooted in transaction data.

🎙️ Podcast: Creator Upload covers OpenAI versus the world. 

🔥 Instagram is working on a feature to help you incorporate trending memes into your Reels.

💡 Microsoft’s new CoPlanner is an AI-powered media planning tool for advertisers and agencies.

📺 YouTube is cracking down further on adblockers.

🚫 The Advertising Standards Authority set a precedent regarding unlabeled cross-pollination.

📷 Here’s why photographers aren’t happy with Adobe’s marketing.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: A camera. Gouache

How Brands Can Support E-E-A-T

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When done correctly, demonstrating author expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) will increase content visibility across Google.

But brands struggle to establish and maintain E-E-A-T, which requires personal motivation from the author and ongoing dedication to a topic as a subject matter expert. And often, authors leave a brand for other opportunities, taking their E-E-A-T with them.

The true role of brands in author E-E-A-T is to:

  • Find expertise: Hire SMEs with an established digital footprint in the field or commit to investing significantly in the right person to build it.
  • Enable growth: Create a company culture where content creators have ongoing opportunities to grow or showcase their E-E-A-T for compensation.
  • Connect the dots: Communicate existing E-E-A-T through detailed, frequently updated author profiles and structured data that incorporates off-site corroborations.

Take a closer look at Search Engine Land.

Q for You

Which describes your brand(s) approach to E-E-A-T?


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A few folks on the Carney team recently adopted the reMarkable Type Folio keyboard and have been loving it. Here’s Rich’s take:

“Using the reMarkable Type Folio keyboard helped me realize how much of the writing process is really just putting off writing… Opening a blank document, monkeying around with font choices, clicking back and forth to different tabs for ‘research’ and inspiration.

The reMarkable clears that all away so that you are forced to get down to the business of actually writing. Text options are intentionally limited, but sufficient for actually writing something. Margins and whitespace are generous.

reMarkable Folio

The cursor is positioned in the middle of the screen as you type. That means you don’t see too much of what you’ve already written, tempting you to scan back up the page in the name of ‘revision’ when you really should be writing.

And if you really need to look up a fact somewhere else, you can go to another device. But since the entire Internet is not a tab away, there’s just enough friction to make you pause and consider if you really need to break the flow of your writing to go down a digital rabbit hole this very moment. Turns out you usually can come back to it later.”


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Heinz Pickle Ketchup

You Can Already Taste It

Heinz is selling pickle-flavored ketchup, and if a burger immediately comes to mind (er—mouth), you’re not alone. In a new campaign, Heinz invites people to pre-review the new flavor for a chance to win a year’s supply of it. “You Can Already Taste It” is some serious marketing psychology.

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Software Publishers Association 1992

Software Publishers Association, 1992


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