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Stories Are the New Newsfeed

Get started early. Cash in.

Analyze the Behavior of Your Website Visitors

Google Analytics is a great tool. It can track and report on just about any website analytic that you can think of.

One of the most useful analytics that it tracks is behavior. The Behavior category helps you determine what users are actually doing on your website: what pages they’re going to, how long visitors are spending on each page, how often they re-visit specific pages, and a whole lot more.

Today’s Listen will help you understand and use the behavior section of Google Analytics. You’ll also learn a few tricks that you can implement right now to improve your website

These Are the Tools You’re Looking For

Ever wonder how Chief Marketing Officers make the decisions they make? Or, even more specifically, how they manage their day-to-days? Efficient daily operations makes for well-oiled machines, so tools and resources are clearly keys to success.

So, which marketing tools are the chosen ones?

Forbes spoke with Josh Steimle, CEO of the digital marketing agency MWI, about this very topic. Through in-depth interviews, Steimle was able to get an inside look at the tools that chief marketers at Domo, GE and Spotify use — and the rationale behind why they chose them.

Why Stories Are the New Newsfeed

Many businesses have only just started getting into the groove of posting daily on their Instagram, they’re likely channeling Andy Bernard about it. To this, we say: not so fast. Things are shifting once again. As Millennial as it sounds, businesses need to start making social stories a priority.

According to the fine folks over at Buffer: “Stories, by nature, are more immersive than other types of digital and social content. The experience exists within a single place and doesn’t try to drive you away to new websites and platforms (though Instagram has experimented with links in stories).”

Today’s video clip is a perfect summation of why companies like Medium are quickly adapting to this new format. And, you guessed it, the early adopters to monetize will be cashing in.

“We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.”
Josh Bernoff

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