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Dealing with Surge or Decline

Make the right SEO moves when it comes to buyer behavior.

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What Shifts In Product Demand Mean For SEO

Current trends and world events play a large part in influencing consumer behaviors. COVID-19 threw buyer behavior a curveball, and marketers must stay up to date with the evolving landscape.

When demand for your product shifts for better or for worse, your messaging will require changes as will your promotional approach. Today, Moz is covering what shifts in product demand mean for SEO.

First thing’s first – is demand for your products surging or declining?

If your products’ demand has increased, congratulations! But you’re not quite out of the weeds.

Manage temporary out-of-stock products. COVID has thrown a wrench in the global supply chain, which may be an issue for you – especially if demand is up. If the product is still something you’ll sell, then don’t 404 the page. Allow site visitors a way they can be alerted when the product is back, or let them know how they might find the product in stores.

Find opportunities to create new indexed pages. Social distancing is a brand new term in 2020 as far as most of us are concerned. You might be selling kites or hand sanitizer – both items you could incorporate a “social distancing” tag into. Stay ahead of trending terms and see what people search on your site, browse forums in your niche, and follow the news.

If demand has slowed:

Craft messaging for the moment. If your message is all about how a basketball jersey you sell will look great at a favorite team’s games, then revisit the copy for a better fit with the times. You can sell the same item with a message about supporting your team through thick and thin from the comfort of the living room.

Read on for more SEO tips on changes in demand such as creating virtual try-ons or addressing common user questions.

Google Alerts

The ability to stay up to date and react to the changing marketing world deserves to be a recognized skillset. Heck, we have Facebook over there changing its appearance once a month and moving things around, then there’s TikTok making all kinds of new trends. And don’t even get us started on Google’s ever changing algorithm.

So you can maintain your sanity, try out Google Alerts. Just put in a keyword or a topic and you’ll be alerted when new content comes up with the term you’re watching.

It’s a great way to follow the latest on certain subjects or jump on opportunities you may foresee in your niche.

Inclusivity and accessibility make the world a better place for everybody. The Big Hack has built a mission of helping businesses create accessible websites so disabled people can enjoy the digital space equally.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

A lot of times we stand in our own way more than others do. We think everything must be perfectly in place before we can really execute on something. Putting this thought process to rest can do wonders.

Kajabi gives us an ad about the expertise we’ve all accrued in some form. You can really shine as an online yoga instructor if yoga is your thing. No specialty studio with a Hollywood lighting rig needed.

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