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Surviving the New Norm

Refreshing tips about working remotely, a hat-wearing alpaca, and more

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Transitioning To Remote Work: A Practical Guide

How’s our fam doing? We get this working from home thing isn’t a walk in the park. We’re checking in to make sure y’all are armed with the best to get you through this temporary, new norm. 

How do you plan & succeed as a remote worker? Woven has an extensive guide to make sure that your team is set up to plan and schedule remote meetings effectively. Let’s begin.

  • Take control of your time. Become the time master – what you do with it, where you spend it, and how you schedule it. Because if you don’t schedule your time intentionally – someone else will do it for you and it might not lead to a day, week, or life that you like.
    • Recurring events – are time goals being optimized here?
    • Impromptu meetings – Use time blocks or scheduling links to protect your time
    • Morning time is no-meeting, focus time. 
  • Over-communicate everything. No office means, zero chance of casually passing along info from desk to desk. Be intentional about what and how you communicate.
  • Use the Remote Work Trinity. These three tools make it easier than ever to work independent of your location. 
    • Slack for asynchronous communication 
    • Zoom for video conferencing 
    • Woven for team scheduling
  • Upgrade your workstation. Treat yo-self fam, and make sure your home setup rivals the one you had at work. If you’re starting from scratch, here are a few things to get you going:

Click through to get the remaining 3 tips and resources from Woven to maintain a rock-solid work from home schedule plus 2 bonus helpful guides to upgrade your desk setup.

All-in-One Calendar

Woven is here to help upgrade your work/life balance. This all-in-one calendar can sync all your calendars in one place, offer a view of your actual availability, and share it as needed with the people important to you. 

Woven’s calendar has mobile-first features like: 

  • Home – Turn your schedule into an actionable agenda
  • Analytics – Understand how you spend your time 
  • iMessage integration – Schedule directly from texts

Plus, as remote meetings become a new norm, Woven’s built-in video conferencing integration and smart templates make it easy and fast to schedule meetings with multiple stakeholders in-person or remotely.

Schedule faster, plan smarter and make time for what matters most. Ready to be a scheduling champion?


Your mom probably knows more about you than you realize. After all, she’s probably one of the people who taught you just how to be you. So how much do you actually know about your mom?

Notonthehighstreet gave us this feel-good ad in time for Mother’s Day (the UK celebration date that is). But it still applies to anyone no matter what month of the year it is. These kids are racking their brains to demonstrate just how much they truly know about their moms.

Ads from the Past

1941, Peek Frean and Co. LTD.

“Life is the only real counselor; wisdom unfiltered through personal experience does not become a part of the moral tissue.”

Edith Wharton


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