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Make the most of PPC ad copy & a no-contact delivery from Santa.

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PPC Ad Copy: How to Write Ads That Convert

Remember in school when your teacher allowed a single notecard’s worth of notes for reference on tests? (Cue you busting out your finest point pen and bringing a magnifying glass on exam day.)

Just like with PPC ad copy, you have to knock out the most important info within a limited word count. It’s not easy, but there’s a way about it. Visiture is delving into PPC ad copy and how to write ads that convert.

Make It About the Customer. Craft your message around the individual who will see the ad. Frankly, the people you’re targeting don’t care about the seller as much as they care about themselves. You want the person viewing your ad to feel that the product or service you’re providing is beneficial to them. Use words like “you”, “value”, “save”, and “results.”

Integrate Emotional Triggers. Data on emotional ads has shown fear, affirmation, disgust, and anger are the most effective and easily triggered emotions. Think about how clickbait plays into emotions to gain clicks. Play into affirmation with positive messages and humor, or tap into FOMO to prompt quick action.

Eliminate Objections. People have their reservations before purchasing products. Give them all the assurance they’ll need to feel comfortable purchasing your products. This could mean an included warranty, a satisfaction guarantee, or free shipping. If you include these in your ad copy, then you’ll effectively nip those objections in the bud.

Highlight Benefits. Highlighting all the great features of a product is an easy and tempting method of crafting a message. However, feature-selling lacks context. What will these features bring to the buyer? Highlight the benefits a user will see. Connect the dots for them so they don’t have to.

There’s still more to scribble down on your notecard, so save room!

Auto Text Expander

Google Ads is yet another instance where you’ll need to write some copy. Marketers write a whole lot in a day’s work. Maybe it’s not all 2,500-word blog posts, but all those emails add up! Check out Auto Text Expander and save some time typing.

This Chrome plugin allows you to sync shortcuts across other devices with which you use Chrome. Automate some of your writing by creating triggers for your more commonly used language choices.

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Merry Weird Christmas

By this point in the year we know it’s best to limit our gatherings. Unfortunately, this means limiting our usual holiday get-togethers.

TV2 shares this ad about a child diligently keeping track of the number of guests in his house. As he realizes his house is at max capacity, he leaves Santa outside and opts for a no-contact delivery instead.

Ads from the Past

1960, Oscar Mayer

“I don’t think Christmas is necessarily about things. It’s about being good to one another.”

Carrie Fisher


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