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SMS Marketing strategy + not your typical Christmas ad.

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How to Stop Your SMS Marketing From Being Left on Read

There’s a lot of traffic amongst the various available marketing channels. Email and social media easily gets saturated the same way the freeway does during rush hour. Sometimes taking the surface roads isn’t such a bad option. That’s where SMS marketing comes in. 

SMS Marketing is super direct, and the competition isn’t nearly as great. Here are some tips from G2 on how to stop your SMS marketing from being left on read.

  • Focus on delivering the right message. Don’t limit your focus to firing off promos. There are plenty of other things recipients want to see. 67% of consumers want delivery updates, so include these in your SMS strategy. This will also demonstrate that you care about customer experience rather than just making sales. Consider sending order confirmations and appointment reminders when applicable.
  • Choose the right time to text. First determine the inopportune times to send texts. You don’t want to wake someone up with a message, and sending when someone is driving to work isn’t ideal either. Focus on times within the workday, but limit yourself to 1 or 2 texts per week.
  • Always allow the option to opt-out. If people are done receiving texts, give them an easy way out. 89% of customers switch over to competitors after a bad customer experience. Don’t drive people away by making opt-outs difficult.
  • Send discount codes, special offers, and coupons. While you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to sending promos, it’s still much of the reason people sign up for SMS. People tend to check texts right when they come in, so make offers time-sensitive in order to encourage action.

Keep reading for more ideas and the perks of SMS marketing.

SMS Templates

Need inspiration for your own SMS marketing messaging? Whether you’re just implementing your first campaign, or you’re an SMS expert, SimpleTexting’s SMS Templates can help you craft your message.

With a variety of templates built for different industries, just click to copy and then change the business name to reflect your own company. It’s a quick solution for your SMS messaging needs.

Big on a Christmas you can believe in

It doesn’t take long for certain types of ads to become cliché. We all saw it earlier this year with brands all declaring “we’re in this together” and “we’re here for you” in regard to COVID. Now we’re approaching the holidays, where we see the same clichés year after year.

Lidl shakes things up a bit with this shameless ad. It’s an ad and they own it. No need to stir any emotional reaction from viewers. There’s just not enough time for that. Why not showcase some product deals instead?

Ads from the Past

1969, General Motors

“Getting the like is easy. It’s a light action. Anything else requires trust.”

Jon Loomer


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