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The Adventure of Link(edIn)

Level-up on your LinkedIn game.

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How to Transform Your LinkedIn Presence So It’s Not Just a Resume

Twitter is the pitch, Facebook is the cover letter, Instagram is the portfolio, and that leaves LinkedIn as the resume. But if you’re only using LinkedIn to record past work experience, you’re doing it wrong.

Content Marketing Institute highlights lessons learned from LinkedIn Trainer, Michaela Alexis who calls this professional media giant the “multimedia publishing platform” helping folks achieve business opportunities.

Let’s learn how to unleash the power of LinkedIn!

1. Effective LinkedIn content focuses on being relatable, conversational, and helpful. Writing great content with those three characteristics isn’t always a piece of chocolate cake. Believe us, there’s a learning curve.

  • Hone in on reliability by beginning content with who you then discuss what you know.
  • Be conversational by writing how you speak. This doesn’t give an excuse for misspellings and grammatical errors though.
  • Help your connections by sharing resources that answer Qs and address challenges.

2. Stop beating around the bush and directly let people know how to take action. Whether its a company page or personal, add a call to action to every post. Don’t forget to track and measure the effectiveness of your CTAs.

3. Find your thing. The thing that readers and followers can immediately associate you with. For Michaela, it was a mug. And she used to represent her personal brand. To discover your object, think about what makes you approachable and reminds people that you’re human.

4. Strive for the “I feel like you wrote this just for me” level of feedback. Getting to that point takes some work and consistency by Michaela has a formula: What happened + Why it matters.

Recall a work-related success or failure in the past year. Briefly share what happened then get into why your LinkedIn connections should care, associated advice, and lessons learned.

LinkedIn is still a social platform and is key for thought leadership. Catch more insights from CMI’s article!

LinkedIn Elevate

Get ready to supercharge your reputation on Linkedin with Elevate. So this tool lets you share great content, check out valuable insight, jumpstart your visibility for more profile views, and measure progress.

We could go on, but we think you get the point. If LinkedIn is your social platform of choice, Elevate is a solid tool to try out!

In the Community

Madeleine is on the lookout for “ways a small business that doesn’t have thousands of $$ laying around to donate can be a good ally by actually DOING something right now? An example would be giving employees time off to care for their wellbeing during this time. What else, though? What’s actually helpful/useful?”

I Can’t Breathe

For lack of better words, George Floyd’s death was atrocious. The disturbing footage of his final moments quickly spread to every corner of the country and the rest of the world.

ViacomCBS aired this 8 minute and 46-second video on several networks including MTV and Comedy Central. It’s a message that needs to be recognized, understood, and acted upon.


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