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The Calm Before the Storm

Holiday marketing tips and Santa’s supply chain.

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Is your 2020 holiday marketing strategy different than years past?

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How to Capitalize on 2020’s Unique Holiday Shopping Season

This year has presented unusual challenges for online brands and retailers to say the least. With the busiest shopping season of the year fast approaching, we can think of it as the big event we’ve spent the year training for. Here’s Visiture’s advice on how to capitalize on 2020’s unique holiday shopping season.

  • Enhance Inventory Management. Amid COVID-19, brick and mortar retailers, as well as eCommerce shops, have struggled with supply chain disruptions. Do the necessary market research to better forecast demand for your products. Planning ahead will help ease the headaches of any further disruptions during this shopping season.
  • Leverage PPC Advertising. Get your products in front of people on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other highly trafficked destinations. Utilize Google Shopping ads to visualize some of your offerings above organic search results.
  • Optimize the On-Site Experience. Don’t let your website be a bottleneck for your sales. Ensure your site is set up to facilitate smooth transactions. Optimize for both desktop and mobile so anyone who visits can purchase your products with zero hassle. A clunky site will steer people away toward other sellers.
  • Offer a Generous Return Policy. Many people will research items online but ultimately make purchases offline at brick and mortar stores. In a year where brick and mortar sales have declined, offering a great return policy will give buyers the peace of mind they need to make their purchase decisions. Remember, you may be competing with brick and mortar stores that already have well-known return policies.
  • Elevate Customer Service Expectations. Many older people who typically shop in stores will turn to online shopping this season. Anticipate questions regarding product availability, shipping times, and item tracking. People will have questions because of the general uncertainty surrounding supply chain issues experienced this year. Make sure your customer service channels are ready to answer these incoming questions and give people the assurances they need.

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Let’s workflow it

We all know by now it just isn’t feasible for us all to receive everything we want from Santa Claus. He has his own supply chain issues to flesh out as well as a tight delivery deadline. Of course, there is a much larger factor at play.

ServiceNow brings us this ad showing the North Pole’s toy fulfillment operations in full swing. Luckily, with the right workflow software some, but sadly not all, disasters can be averted. RIP Frosty.

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1928, Congress and Bicycle

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