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How to Use Instagram Live Rooms

Going live, everyone and their momma is doing it. With the blip of Clubhouse, popularity of podcasts/streaming, Facebook’s recent development of audio rooms, and Instagram’s feature called Live Rooms, you gotta wonder if live is going to be the new EVERYTHING for marketing. 

Well, we’ll cross that road when it comes, but for now let’s focus on Insta. Live Rooms by Instagram is a live broadcast feature with a split screen for up to four people and interactive panels. So what? So how? Let’s get into it.

4 Ways To Use Live Rooms:

  1. Hosting Q&A’s: Authentic, informative, and real-life, what more could your audience want? Get new consumer insights by directly interacting with their audiences. 
  2. Product Testing: People turn to user reviews and testing all the time. Show them your products in-use for yourself! Showcase all benefits, features, uses, or little nuances directly to many viewers. 
  3. Shopping Events: Combine Live Rooms with Instagram Shopping! With Live Shopping, you can sell your products or services during your live sessions by adding a link that allows viewers to add products directly to their shopping cart. 
  4. Talking to Experts: Informative content can be a great use of live sessions especially for a specific niche topic. Interviews with the experts on it is a perfect utilization of the split screen to make it easy for users to view everyone speaking. 

Now that you have some inspo, you can get started with your own Live Rooms experiences. Our final tips on any live experience: have an agenda, choose your panelists wisely, and hype the live session beforehand. For more specific examples, check out the full Forbes article.

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Do you enjoy watching live content?

Scroll Depth

Do you want to know how far down the page your audience is reading? Where your content is making people drop off? Scroll Depth is a free plug-in for Google Analytics that will tell you how far users scroll in increments (25% down the page, 50%, 75% and 100%). Even better, it provides Pixel Depth and User Timing! Smash the button for the easy-to-follow instructions on linking the tool to your Google Analytics and getting the most out of its numerous features.

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Player Power Couple

Professional basketball player Sue Bird and professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe are featured in Nike’s “New Victors” campaign. This ad is beautifully shot in a lot of ways, but the messaging overlaps in empowering women, female athletes, and LGBTQ+ community. It’s also got some sick drips from Nike’s clothing and shoe lines. So it’s a win-win ad across the board. Check out the great interview from Megan and Sue on the campaign, being gay, and their careers as professionals in US sports teams.

Ads from the Past

1968, Swanson

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

Richard Branson


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