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The Good, The Bad, + The Freebies

How well do you know your Google tools? Discover some new (+ fun) machine learning.

Be in the Know

33 Free Google Marketing Tools for Marketers and Developers

Even outside of the Google search engine, it’s pretty much impossible not to be using Google tools and apps. Marketers, developers, and business owners all have to be familiar with several platforms to do their jobs successfully.

But how many Google tools are there? Shane Barker put together a list of all the FREEBIES that Google has to offer. Here are some of our favorites:

General Google Tools for Everyone:

  • AI Tools: In this Carnage issue’s Tool section, we shared AI Experiments with Google, but Google has several established AI Tools for research, open-source dev modules, and data.
  • Alerts: If you haven’t set up Google Alerts before, they’re a game changer for staying in the know on topics.

Awesome Google Tools for Marketers:

  • Charts: Let’s get visual. Google Charts is a fast, free way to visualize data and stats that are custom and live!
  • Keyword Planner: Make your SEO and content research easy with Google’s Keyword Planner that can work directly with your site and bidding strategy.

Helpful Google Tools for Developers:

  • Test My Site: Since Google is the overlord on site ranking, you might as well use their tools to check that they align with Google’s Core Web Vitals. This tool helps identify loading time issues.
  • All These Dev Tools: Google loves site and app developer resources and they have a whole library of dev tools for everyone.

Check out the full list on Shane Barker’s site for some lesser known tools and details on all 33 of Google’s free tools.

Q for You

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you trust AI and automated tools? 🤖

AI Experiments with Google

Like it or not, AI is growing in full force. Visually, audibly, digitally, it’s all over the place. And sometimes it’s pretty fun.

Google has created a way to play around with AI and explore machine learning. You can by play with tools for pics, music, drawing, writing, and more.

Our favorites are the drawing experiments: Quick, Draw! + AutoDraw.


(Google knows a masterpiece when it sees one…Be careful how much time you spend AI doodling.)

Agency > AI

AI is helpful in a lot of ways. But we’re far off from computers cooking our dinners, or planning thoughtful, personalized marketing campaigns…

That’s where Carney comes in…for the marketing, that is. Sorry, we’re not cooking for you unless it’s cooking up concepts and digital projects. We’re a digital dynamic agency and we love everything in marketing and design, including automation.


You just can’t beat the human touch! Tell us all your digital dreams and visions and we’ll get to work.

Trash Chic

Can you say your trash bags are fabulous? Doubt it. These trash bags just called you trash

Glad released these 🌸PINK🌸 cherry blossom-scented trash bags. A trash bag can only be so fashionable but this ad does a good job of making it look the part.

Ads from the Past

1983, Old Spice


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