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The Grammar Police

No one wants to be stopped by the Grammar Police.

Easy Etiquette for Follow Up Emails

How long do you wait to send that follow up email? How many times do you follow up before you become annoying?

According to Pat Flynn, it depends on what you’re asking and what type of relationship you have with the person.

Don’t forget to utilize your social channels to follow up and let them know that you sent an email. This has been an effective strategy for our team when reaching out to write guest blogs or asking someone to contribute to a Q&A.

Today’s Listen is short and by no means a comprehensive etiquette guide (Get More Here). But, it will let you know if you’re doing something right.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t resend the same message
  • A brief follow up is the key
  • Waiting 2-3 days is a good benchmark

30 Grammatical Errors You Gotta Stop Making

Let’s face it – writing is difficult. Well, bad writing is easy, but quality writing is difficult. There are so many grammar rules that you have to stay on top of if you want to write something that people will actually read.

Our editor is constantly catching us using dangling modifiers, passive voice, and incorrectly using commas (although we’ll never give up the Oxford comma).

That’s why we thought today would be a good day for a refresher on 30 of the most common grammar mistakes that you’re likely making. Some of them are obvious, like their vs. they’re, but others are not as easy to pick out. Honestly, when was the last time you considered the use of passive voice in your writing?

On Page SEO – 9 Techniques That Work

How often do you focus on on-page SEO? It’s certainly more difficult in 2017 than ever before, but you still can’t ignore it.

In today’s Watch, we’re serving up a video from SEO master Brian Dean. In it, he dives into 9 techniques that will definitely increase your search traffic.

Here’s all 9, but check out the video to hear Brian’s reasons for all of these:

  1. Use super-short URLs
  2. Include the target keyword in the URL
  3. Use LSI keywords
  4. Publish long content
  5. Optimize your title-tag for CTR
  6. Use external links
  7. Use internal links (a favorite for us)
  8. Maximize site speed
  9. Use multimedia in your content

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
Henry Ford

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